The Planet of Darkness: Book I: The City of the Dark Tyrant

by Tirzah Darnell

The Dark Tyrant controls every aspect of the Planet of Darkness and forbids his subjects from even thinking about his rival world, the Planet of Light. However, rebellion is stirring and one propaganda specialist begins probing for answers and ultimately must determine if the truth is worth the sacrifice of position, security, wealth, and perhaps even his family. This science fiction dystopian novel explores the themes of the struggle for power, the individual versus societal conformity, resilience in the face of mental and physical struggles, and the ability to question authoritarian control.

About the Author:

Tirzah Darnell has been a writer since she was five years old when she wrote and illustrated The Ant in Tennis Shoes. Since then, she has directed the film Unscared and starred in the musical Mazuma! Her most recent publication was the article “The Destruction of the Colombian City of Armero during the 1985 Volcanic Eruption of the Nevado del Ruiz” in The Cases in Crisis and Disaster. With an M.A. in Political Science and a specialization in disaster resilience, Tirzah lives in Beeville, Texas where she teaches Government and History at the local community college.

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