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Social Media Marketing

You may find it confusing navigating your way through social media, trying to market your book, feeling like a small fish in a big pond. 

I have 20+ years of social media marketing and content marketing experience that I bring to help you get your book seen by the people who want to read it. 

I am also very experienced in BookTok as a reader and an author (my reader account has over 10K followers) and I know what works and what doesn’t with this market.

Book Promo & Editing Services

As an indie author myself, I am passionate about helping other self-published authors navigate the murky waters of marketing and book promo. 

I’ve been there and done that, seen what works and what doesn’t, and learned all the ins and outs and quirks of different platforms and communities. 

I combine all of my knowledge and experience, plus a 20+ year background in content marketing to help you promote your books in the best possible way. 

My strategies go beyond basic promotion and focus on building a personal connection between your book and its potential readers. I help authors build their author platform and connect with their readership. 

My services are focused on reaching the intended audience, encouraging curiosity, and fueling word-of-mouth publicity for your book. 

I use targeted hashtags, SEO optimization, trend analysis, and professional copywriting to help give your book a head up on the competition.

Services include:

SM Marketing

TikTok/ BookTok Marketing

Author Bios

Blurbs and Teasers

Proofing & Editing

Complete Book Boost

Editing, Proofing, & Beta Reading

With 20+ years of professional writing and editing, and being a published author myself, my editing service is more than just correcting grammar and punctuation. 

I can help you enhance your narrative, refine character development, stick accurately to trends and tropes, ensure consistency, identify plot holes, and more. 

My proofing will help you correct typos that fall through the cracks, giving you a polished, professional manuscript ready for publication. 

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Book promotion is important for several reasons:

  1. Increased visibility: Promoting your book can help increase its visibility, making it more likely to be noticed by potential readers. This can result in more sales and a larger audience.

  2. Establishing an author brand: Book promotion can help establish you as an author and build your brand. By promoting your book, you are also promoting yourself and your future work.

  3. Building relationships: Promoting your book can help you build relationships with readers, bloggers, and other authors in your genre. These relationships can be valuable for future book promotions and collaborations.

  4. Building credibility: Book promotion can help build credibility for you and your book. Positive reviews and endorsements from readers, bloggers, and other authors can help establish your book as a quality work.

  5. Generating buzz: Promoting your book can help generate buzz and excitement around its release. This can lead to more interest and anticipation, which can result in higher sales.

In today’s competitive publishing landscape, book promotion is essential for authors who want to reach a wider audience and achieve success. It allows you to connect with readers and build a fan base, establish your brand and credibility, and ultimately sell more books.