BookTok Promotion of Your Book on TikTok

TikTok is a very popular platform for authors to showcase their books and find their target readers.

For this order, l will share a short video of your book on my TikTok account. This TT account has been specifically curated to #BookTok. I ONLY interact with other bookish accounts. This shows the algorithm that my account is about books and readers, and thus shows MY posts to bookish users as well. You do not need your own TT account in order to benefit from this. However, if you have one, I will tag your account.

I will use BookTok hashtags and other hashtags related to your niche for the best chance at placement in the FYP (for your page) of users interested in reading your book.

TT has a delayed algorithm. I use organic marketing so it will take some time for results to show. Usually, 24-48 will show initial results, but it continues to grow in time after that and videos stay up forever.


1 Video Option – $35 BUY NOW

My face in video talking about book I will create a talking video about your book for my BookTok channel

2 Video Option – $65 BUY NOW

2 talking videos I will create two different talking videos about your book on my channel

Premium Option – $85 BUY NOW

2 talking videos AND add Playlist I will create 2 videos about your book and add them to a Playlist at the top of my page for 1 week

ONE FULL MONTH of Marketing – $222 BUY NOW

For this order, I will promote your book regularly on my channel for a full month. Each video I do will be different and natural. You will get at least FOUR talking videos, ONE featured playlist spot, featured in a ROUNDUP, featured in my monthly reading RECAP, and more.

THREE MONTHS of Ongoing BookTok Marketing – $555 BUY NOW

This package is a great value. The more your book is mentioned on BookTok, the more benefit you will see. This takes my one month package, does it for 3 months, and offers a $111 discount for booking the three months at one time. Each month: You will get at least FOUR talking videos, ONE featured playlist spot, featured in a ROUNDUP, featured in my monthly reading RECAP, and more.

Here are the things I will need to complete your project. After placing your order, please fill out this form. I will confirm your order via email and get started.


  • I will need your book image cover
  • Any additional images you might have (optional)
  • Link to purchase your book (for me to gather information)
  • Book blurb or description

I will deliver a link to your post(s) on delivery.

*A share does not guarantee sales or downloads but I do my best to overdeliver and give your book the best shot at getting noticed by readers who would want to download/buy it

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions people have before working with me on this project.

Q. Where can I see your account?

A. @AnnaliseReads

Q. What genre do your followers like?

A. My account is not genre-based; it’s focused on indie/self-published authors. My account is public and curated to BookTok so what I do is work to get each individual video on the FYP (for you page) of the readers who would be most interested in it. It doesn’t matter if they are following me or not.

Q. Do you share children’s books?

A. Yes, I will also share children’s books, board books, middle grade, and teen books. It’s very helpful if you tell me the average age-range or reader level for your book so I can try to place it well for the audience.

Q. Do you share erotica or 18+ content?

A. Yes, I can share erotica, mature content, and other sensitive topics. If your book has heavy trigger warnings, I appreciate if you tell me so I can tell the audience, but I have no problem sharing them and my audience loves spicy books.

Q. Do you read the book before promotion?

A. I can’t feasibly read EVERY book but I do study the book, the blurb, the genre, reviews that have been left, and I skim read the book when it is provided for me.

Q. Can you share my physical book?

A. Yes! If you’d like to send a copy to Annalise Clark P.O. Box 521 Wallburg, NC 27373 I can use your physical book in the posts I make.


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