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Are you looking for something new to read? I am an avid reader, especially of indie books and I love to share my recs with you. 

Here you can find my recent picks and book reviews. 



The South Side Of Heaven by Stella Stella

The South Side of Heaven takes you on a journey where the idea of meeting loved ones in heaven becomes a


Fourth Quarter Love Beyond the Sidelines: TouchDown Hearts A Second Chance At Love – Book Review

by Monet Nicole  If you’re looking for a great new Black romance, I have the perfect book for you. “Fourth Quarter


“The Memorandum: An Ode to The Workplace or Something like That” by Kewayne Wadley

by Kewayne Wadley I had the pleasure of reviewing “The Memorandum,” by Kewayne Wadley, a book that gleams as an intimate


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Are you an Indie/ self-published author looking for ways to market your books? I have a 20-year background in content marketing and I love to support Indie authors. 


book reviews

Want to see what I’m reading and hear what I think about it? Find my original book reviews here. 

Featured Reviews

No Dominion Inferno of Time

No Dominion: Inferno Of Time (Sapphire Chronicles Book 2)

by VV Sinclair  This is book two of the Sapphire Chronicles series by VV Sinclair. I previously read the first book,

Nori's Amazing First Hike

Nori’s Amazing First Hike: An Engaging And Educational Children’s Picture Book About Hiking And Nature Appreciation

by Asen Stoyanchev (Author), Kateryna Mansarliiska (Illustrator)  I was so excited to read this adorable children’s book! I have loved hiking ever since I


Dex and the Island of Lost Memories Book Review

by Spencer Doublee “Dex and the Island of Lost Memories” by Spencer Doulbee stands apart as a heart-stirring journey that embodies



The Age of a Lobster – A Review

by Stephen Mathews  *I received a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review* I was SO excited


L. Bossi – Author Spotlight

I am so excited to introduce you to L. Bossi in my Author Spotlight this week. An artist with a


A Heartwarming Journey Home: A Review of ‘Home: The First Nillionaires Club’ by K’Anne Meinel

Today, I have the absolute pleasure of sharing my thoughts on a truly heartwarming and captivating novel, Home: The First

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stuff Your Kindle day

Stuff Your Kindle Day is Back Again!

Get Ready to Stuff Your Kindle with FREE Romance! Love is in the air, and on your screens! For three


Author Spotlight: Marika Abaya Morido

I am so excited about today’s Author Spotlight! Her books are fantastic for anyone wanting to dive deeper than the


Malediction (Ritual of the Court Trilogy Book 1)

By Katerina King She’ll survive, or burn everything in her flames. Scarlette Petrova is only a shell of who she


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