Conversations with God Books 1 to 3 – A Review

by Matthew Robert Payne  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit down and have a chat with


To Catch A Crook: Orion Federation Series Novel – A Review

by Jack Heape “To Catch A Crook,” the most recent book in Jack Heape’s Orion Federation Series, is a remarkable story


For the Eternal Record

by KELSEY CARLEE For the Eternal Record is a dialogic epistolary novel written between Cole Alabaster and Kelsey Carlee in the


“The Heir You Made” by Ashley Victoria – A Review

Here’s a dark fantasy/horror novel that will keep you up at night reading. As a content warning from the start,


The Heir You Made

by Ashley Victoria  This book contains scenes of explicit violence and gore, and uncomfortable sexual themes. One gruesome night, Lucy Blacelli

Author Spotlight

Denise Marie Lupinacci – Author Spotlight

Denise Marie Lupinacci has been fascinated with the Scottish Highlands since she first heard bagpipes and Celtic music. She recently