A Person’s Guide To: Manifestation & Helpful Affirmations to Get What You Want

by Penny Rhinebeck

The book discusses the concept of manifestation and how to apply its principles to create the reality we desire. The first chapter introduces manifestation and the importance of understanding its principles. The Law of Attraction, the principle that like attracts like, is explained in the second chapter. Visualizing desires, setting intentions, believing in oneself, taking inspired action, letting go of resistance, and practicing gratitude are explained in subsequent chapters as powerful manifestation techniques. The book also provides guidance on overcoming obstacles and maintaining a high vibration to attract positive experiences and circumstances.

Available on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

I am a huge fan of manifestation and the Law of Attraction so I love getting books on this topic. The cover of this one really drew me in. It’s gorgeous! But I also really loved the affirmations inside and I see how I will use this guide on a daily basis, especially as a companion to my daily journaling.

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