A Riveting Tale of Survival and Destiny – “Tides of Fate: Full Moon Knights” by Matthew Danza

by Matthew Danza (Author), Elena Provik (Illustrator), Jordan Snyder (Editor) 

I am really excited to tell you about this book I’ve just finished reading, Tides of Fate. First, I am so grateful that I was gifted a review copy of this book so that I could check it out for myself. The author is new to me but I was immediately intrigued by this beautiful cover and the entire concept of the book!

I love horror suspense and thrillers where anything can (and will) happen and I also really love stories that revolve around the ocean or bodies of water. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into with this but sometimes it’s fun to go in blind, and it did not disappoint. Instantly, I was transported into a world of gripping tension and heartfelt emotion.

The Premise:

After being shipwrecked on a sandbar close to Horseshoe Island, Lee Kager, her twin brother James, their best friend Adam, and their father find themselves in a dangerous scenario. Their struggle to survive against the rising tide and circling shark is akin to a big-budget film, evoking memories of the classic “Jaws.”

The Journey:

In addition to its thrilling tension, “Tides of Fate” stands out for the complexity of its characters. Each character is painstakingly created, with both weaknesses and strengths that lend authenticity to the personas. Their adventure becomes ours as they make their way through their dangerous circumstance. The book deftly strikes a balance between the group’s internal mental agony and the tragedy of their situation, telling a story that is equally about internal battles and exterior survival.

The Writing:

The writing of Matthew Danza is evocative. He is skilled at building suspense and then releasing it with a lighthearted or reflective moment. You can actually feel the water spray and the horror of the circling shark because to the excellent descriptive passages. The readers are captivated through to the very end thanks to the flawless pacing.

Why It’s Time-Well Spent:

Exciting Storyline: A narrative that grips you from beginning to end.
Dynamic individuals: Personable, realistic individuals whose inner journeys give the story more nuance.
Immersion Writing: A fully immersive experience is produced by precise timing and vivid descriptions.

All in all, I have nothing but good things to say about this book. It’s a great little reminder that fate is only waist-deep and sometimes, your most thrilling adventures are the ones that test our will to survive. This one will stay with you, in all the best ways!

I’m also very excited to read some other books from Danza!

About the Author

When Matthew Danza is not staring at a computer screen due to his IT career, he is spending his nights staring at a computer screen, writing away. His first book: The Fin, is the first book out of seven in the series. While growing up, Danza was always inspired by horror movies, books, and games. He draws inspiration from the film and novel “Jaws,” which was his initial inspiration for the series, along with other culturally popular monsters. Whenever he is scuba diving, he is always looking for sharks and trying not to get hit by the occasional boat!

A relaxing night for him usually consists of playing a horror video game or reading a book his editor recommends. When he is writing, he consistently pulls inspiration and new ideas from everything he enjoys doing and reading. There are constantly notes being sprawled across any and every piece of material that can be written on! Danza is set to write a total of seven books total in the Full Moon Knights and a second series called Always Yell Fire, in which four total books will be written. The fun won’t stop there; there will be plenty more works to read in the future!

You can reach out to him on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and Instagram:


IG: matthewdanza

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