Biorhythm by Matthew Bradley

Imagine a world where Humans become a new species and Animals learn to really think like people.

Welcome to Biorhythm

A sudden and unprecedented acceleration in the evolutionary development of all life on Earth takes place, effectively resetting the planet.

Human changes are determined by their “spirit animals”

While humans evolve into something new, so it follows that Animal life also Changes, becoming smarter than ever before.

“What will we eat?”, “how will we live?” now that the food chain has been flipped on its head.

It’s a story about evolution. And ultimately, about learning from mistakes

You can read all five finished issues for free at Webtoons. You can also learn more and support the author at his Patreon.

I love comics so I was really excited to read this one. I’m also really into paranormal, supernatural, altered reality and similar stories so this sounds right up my alley. A world where people begin evolving with animalistic traits? Sign me up!

From the earliest panels, some truly important points are brought up. Some things would be easier, of course, and other things… might become even impossible. Once simple tasks will present new challenges, and the challenges may not the same for everyone since not all are getting the same bodies. When humans change based on their “spirit animal”, it means one might get wings of a bird and another may have their hands turned into paws.

“But there’s no way of knowing what will happen next.”

I love this line because it stands for the book, as well as the real world we live in.

The story is simple enough, but one that draws you in and really makes you think, long after you walk away. You’ll find yourself wondering what you might do in the same or similar situations.

The art is very well done. It’s illustrated by John Tafuro, who did a wonderful job bringing the story to life. I love the style and how much expression was put into the faces of the characters.

And like many futuristic survival stories, we see the good, the bad, and the ugly of humanity. It’s not always pretty, but that’s what makes it so relatable and honest. It was a good read – not for sensitive readers – but all in all, a very enjoyable comic.

You can read for yourself at

Issue #1 is the Backstory issue, which continues in #2. This will help you understand the universe, the setting, and other important details about the story. Next, the episodes get into the main timeline and currently, you can find up to Biorhythm Main Timeline 3 on the Webtoons link.

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