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Deluge: The People That Melt in the Rain #1

by Carolyn Watson-Dubisch and Mike Dubisch 

I am so excited to tell you about this children’s graphic novel. I love graphic novels and comics and this one is so fun. A huge thank you to the authors for sending me a review copy of “Deluge“. I greatly enjoyed it and I will also be sharing it with a middle schooler I know who is sure to love it as well. What’s it all about?

Deluge: The People That Melt in the Rain” is an engrossing graphic novel that captures the imagination of readers of all ages in a world where the distinction between the extraordinary and the ordinary is blurred. This graphic novel, written by the team of Carolyn Watson-Dubisch and Mike Dubisch, takes us inside the strange world of 12-year-old Laura, a girl who is about to realize that her new home is anything but typical.

Laura and her mother move from the well-known streets of Seattle to an mysterious village in the Midwest, where they are met by an unexplained rain of frogs, which they interpret as a sign of weird things to come. Personally, I love frogs so all the frogs on the cover along with the umbrella had me curious. With its sleepy charm and well-kept secrets, the town of Deluge is plagued by a horrible curse that makes every summer storm a possible catastrophe. The eccentric knickknack collector and oddball small creature guardian who lives next door to Laura raises questions about the depths of the town’s mysteries.

Highlights – What I Loved

“Deluge” stands out for its amazing ability to combine the macabre and the amusing. I’m a huge fan of Coraline and it gave me similar bad ways, although maybe not as spooky. It’s more strange than scary (in a good way). The story’s comic book style makes it interesting and approachable for kids nine years old and up, but the writers’ intricate, enigmatic narrative guarantees that it will appeal to a wider audience. Mike Dubisch’s pictures, which are masterfully drawn and add to the mystery atmosphere of the story, wonderfully match the style of the graphic book, bringing the town of Deluge and its residents to life on the page.

The story strikes the ideal balance between curiosity, danger, and adventure. Laura is a great role model for the target group of the novel because of her journey through the unraveling mysteries of Deluge, which is a monument to the bravery and resiliency of youth. She handles each challenge well with grace and curiosity.

“Deluge” should be commended for its original plot and skillful blending of text and visuals. It has everything a great graphic novel should. With a tantalizing “to be continued,” the book concludes, leaving readers hungry to find out what happens to Laura, her mysterious neighbor, and the doomed town of Deluge in the next episode.


Deluge: The People That Melt in the Rain #1” is a portal to a world full of mystery and adventure rather than merely a graphic book. It’s a must-read because of its original idea and superb writing and illustrations. This book promises an amazing voyage into the heart of Deluge, whether you’re a child discovering graphic novels for the first time or an adult who enjoys compelling stories. One thing becomes evident as Laura’s story is told: this is a place and a narrative unlike any other.

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