Destiny’s Boot (The Barsian Job Book 1) – Review

by FJ Mitchell 

*I received a digital review copy of this book from the author*

When Live, laugh, larceny becomes Death, doom, destiny.

I was so excited to read this book! The blurb had drawn me in with the humor, the fantasy, and the pirate elements, so I couldn’t wait to dive in and see what it was all about and what was going to happen in Destiny’s Boot.

The humor hits you right in the face from the very dedication in the book. It’s the most hilarious dedication I’ve ever read so instantly I was drawn to the author’s sense of humor and eager to get to the book. Another thing I really like about this one is that the chapters have names/titles. Not all authors do this anymore and I haven’t seen it as much in fantasy recently. But this is a feature I love! I feel like it gives us some foreshadowing into what to expect and also helps break the book up into manageable, bite-sized pieces. When we look at a typical fantasy, they run long. This one is no exception at 400+ pages, so this layout is one that I prefer.

So, let’s get into the story itself. 🙂

Destiny’s Boot plunges us into an exhilarating adventure that marries the allure of piracy with the unpredictability of high fantasy. As the crew of the skyship Warrior embarks on what appears to be a routine salvage mission, they soon find themselves in an ordeal that tests their wits, courage, and survival instincts against undead wyverns, fanatical mages, and an ancient, formidable entity.

Compelling Storyline

The thrilling idea of Destiny’s Boot—pirates battling the paranormal behind the perilous boundaries of the Barsian Empire’s most dreaded mountain range—feeds the game. The plot is nothing less than an exhilarating journey, complete with rewarding and surprising turns. The story skillfully strikes a mix between suspenseful periods and action, making it nearly impossible to put down.

Editing and Formatting

The book’s flawless formatting and editing guarantee a seamless reading experience for customers. There are no annoying typos in the text, and the layout fits the story’s pacing perfectly, with strategic breaks that let readers pause to consider what’s happening.

Character Development

Mitchell is a master at creating a wide cast of characters, each with their own peculiarities and secrets. The Warrior’s crew is more than just a bunch of pirates; they are real people with histories that shape their choices and goals for the future. Their relationship is one of rivalry and brotherhood, which makes it a fertile environment for interaction and personal development.


The novel stands out for its unique blending of high fantasy and sky piracy elements. The scenario, a huge kingdom with a perilous, mountainous terrain that flying ships service, gives a novel perspective on the pirate subgenre. This novel has a distinct flavor that sets it apart from other books in its genre because of the supernatural themes combined with high stakes.

Satisfying Ending

Destiny’s Boot ends on a climactic and open-ended note, laying the groundwork for the upcoming book in the series, without giving away the ending. The resolution finds a delicate balance between resolving the present issues and hinting at additional adventures, whether one is looking for closure or the prospect of more adventures.

Story Arc

The book has a well-developed plot with a strong beginning, middle, and finish that are full of conflict and resolve. The plot is set up to emphasize the importance of character growth as well as the main idea of fate versus free will.


Destiny’s Boot expertly combines fantasy, adventure, and a hint of the macabre. Mitchell’s book is a gold mine that promises and delivers an exciting adventure for readers who love stories of high seas and high risks. In typical pirate manner, the Warrior crew not only steals the show, but maybe even the readers’ hearts. One thing is for sure—the journey has only just begun—as we look forward to the next installment of this exciting series.

About the Author

FJ began her life in Hampshire but has lived on a farm with her family in the wild west of Wales for over twenty years.

Having merrily wasted her history degree from the moment she received it, FJ decided to keep on doing so by writing about magical flying ships, sharks with jet packs, weaponised gazpacho, and swashbuckling sky pirates with incredibly good hair.

She blames her time raising animals and children for combining what was an already lively sense of the ridiculous with the desire to live in a fantasy world; and the result is The Barsian Job, a six-book series for anyone who ever wanted to break the fourth wall and demand to speak to the manager.

FJ guarantees that her books are more exciting than chasing sheep around a field, funnier than watching a beloved child faceplant in the mud and warmer than losing your welly in the muck heap. Trust her, she’s an expert.

FJ Mitchell can be found on her website:

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