Malediction (Ritual of the Court Trilogy Book 1)

By Katerina King

She’ll survive, or burn everything in her flames.

Scarlette Petrova is only a shell of who she once was. A go-getter without a care in the world. But that changes when her stability is ripped away from her and her voice of reason disappears in the night, and all that’s left for her is an addict for a mom and memories.

She already lost everything once, and now it’s happening all over again. Scarlette’s blood runs deep with ancient power built by witches of old. But she finds herself powerless when her estranged uncle demands she live with him after he starts making threats and in order to protect her drug-addled mother, she does.

She hates Whitechapel. It’s her mom’s hometown and her uncle controls everything there, but the joke’s on him when she finds a deeper connection to her roots and important traces of family history that furthers her magic and connection to herself. Not to mention the return of a childhood friend, Elijah Hutton, whose been outcasted by the overly religious town for being gay. Together, Scarlette and Eli learn about her past, and the closer they get to answers, the more everything and everyone seems to want to kill her.

Scarlette’s determined to survive, but she may not be able to make that choice anymore. But Scarlette runs hot. If she goes down, she’s taking everything and everyone down with her…in the flames.

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