Meeting: A Wolf Shapeshifter Enemies to Lovers Paranormal Romance

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I’ve always been a powerful man, an NFL pro turned wealthy CEO. But not even I could hold off the bloodthisty ‘mugger’ with VERY sharp teeth who turned me into a werewolf. Is my whole life over before it’s ever really begun?

I’ve run from Dallas to a serene forest on the Canadian border to learn the way of the wolf and master my shapeshifting. And NOT eat my neighbors.

Except it’s anything BUT peaceful here. The greedy idiots working for me once tried to destroy the region by running an oil pipeline through. How can I ever undo years of hostility and make this my new home? Find friends? Maybe even love?

I’ve had one frenemy here over the years, a young Cheyenne lawyer named Jaci Moonbear. Jaci stood up to me to save her tribal lands when no one else dared.

Now Jaci’s driving me crazy in a different way. Meeting her in person shocks me to the core. Jaci is smart, sexy, and about the only woman NOT interested in my money and fame. Could it be true love for me at last?

As we start working together to save my werewolf pack’s glade, we grow ever closer. Every moment is pure heaven, at least for me. Do I dare try to date her, when all I want to do is mate with her, to bond with Jaci for all time?

The trouble is, how do you tell the woman you adore that you’re a werewolf?

Even worse, the current Alpha of our pack Rob is setting my fangs on edge. He’s big, mean, greedy, and more out of control with every full moon. But I’m a newly-turned shapeshifter. Can I stay alive long enough to win Jaci for my bonded mate?

Or will I die trying to ascend to Alpha myself in order to save all my werewolf friends from Rob’s shocking savagery….?

Sensuality Rating
Some thoughts, topics, and language which some sensitive readers may find offensive.

A Note to the Reader About Cliff-hangers
The Alpha Ascending series is made up of 4 books, with a cliff-hanger ending in each of the first three, and a stunning conclusion to the series at the end of the fourth. Readers who are not fond of cliff-hangers can read at their own discretion.

Recommended for Readers Who Love:
Paranormal romance (shifter romance, werewolf shifters, shape-changer romance, werewolves romance), BBW/curvy girl romance, age gap romance, enemies to lovers romance.

About the Author
Kelsey Carter is a paranormal romance writer, and the author of the Reconnected series, the Alpha Ascending series, the Hawk Ascending series, the Bear Ascending series, the Prince Ascending Series, the Justice Ascending series, The Darkest Kisses series, and The Polar Pleasures series. In her spare time, she works with a range of charities, including animal rescue.

About the Alpha Ascending Series
Take a walk on the wild side with Artem the werewolf, as he discovers a whole new world of magic once he’s turned into a supernatural being and discovers the wonders of shape-shifting. Not to mention the joys of falling in love with a gorgeous young woman who has a few startling secrets of her own….

This series is perfect for readers who love shifter romances, werewolf romances, BBW /curvy girl romances, age gap romances, hunky heroes, and heroines who fight for what they want.

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