Neon Lights and Plane Tickets: Sci-Fi Poetic Prose Collection

by Elsbeth Mareile G. C. 

Neon Lights and Plane Tickets is a sci-fi-themed collection of poetic prose, featuring tales of cosmic horror and galactic urban legends. Explore lush and vibrant cities across the universe, and their inhabitants’ adventures (or misadventures, as the case may be). Bright neon lights and illusions of technological advancement serve as fine distractions to keep their rotting societies hidden within their foundations.

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I was so happy to receive a review copy of this book because it’s right up my alley and I was so excited to read it and tell you all about it. As the title says, it is a collection of sci-fi poetic prose and those of you who have been following me awhile know that I love sci-fi and I love poetry and prose. The sci-fi, cyberpunky feel of the cover drew me right in as well.

This is a long book but the way it’s broken down into chapters makes it feel like an easy read. You can enjoy a chapter or two at a time and I enjoyed reading a little bit at a time before bed. But fair warning: it might keep you up at night as you want to read “just one more”. You’ll be pulled into the emotions and the dystopian worlds within.

The first few lines draw us in, as “District” takes us to another time and place. The visceral language makes you feel like you are experienced it all.

“With still-closed eyes, eyelids stuck to my skull, I twist my core and limbs in all possible directions…” Then to a surge of electrons in “Sheen” and the olden days of “Underground Syndicate” where gentlemen wore somber suits of drab and insipid fabric with neutral ties. Each chapter pulls us deeper and deeper into another world.

The prose is so beautifully written, so detailed and full of feeling, it’s as if you are living it yourself. These stories will make you think, long after you’ve put down the book. It will make you reflect more on the world around you and you may even find yourself wanting to talk to your friends about it. If you have reader friends, encourage them to get the book so you can discuss it.

“Neon Lights and Plane Tickets” was such an engaging read and I will be thinking about this cosmic poetic prose collection for a long time to come.

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