Review of “Archangel’s Echo” (Archangel Fantasy Thriller Series Book 4) by Black Mike

I just had the pleasure of reading another book from Black Mike, this one book four in the Archangel fantasy thriller series. Of course, I have to tell you about it!

Having made my way the other books in the series, I was excited to dig into “Archangel’s Echo”, and it did not disappoint. This novella is a prequel, but it brings up the excellent world-building and character depth that I’ve grown to know and love from this author.

In this book, we see through the eyes of Hannah Lieberman, a young girl with a great weight on her shoulders as she tries to navigate a world filled with magic, intrigue, and looming threats.

From the very start, Black Mike paints a haunting picture of Hannah’s life in the orphanage, and the struggles she sees through harsh life as well as the alluring world of magic.  As a big fan of Black Mike’s other books, I was just as pleased with this one.

In this novella, we see the challenges of magic, depicting parallels with real-life decisions and ramifications. Each chapter gives us a new piece to the puzzle, keeping you turning the pages. You’ll be so invested in Hannah’s world, deeply invested in her quest to make the most of her newfound powers and also to protect her baby brother.

The characters, as always, are a shining beacon in this tale. Their multidimensional personas, especially Hannah’s resilience and Ruth’s guiding wisdom, resonate deeply. It’s a tale of courage, sacrifice, and the enduring bonds of family.

Archangel’s Echo” was a quick, punchy, and powerful read in the realm of urban fantasy thrillers. It’s a gripping narrative with strong character development and I’d consider it a must-read.

If you’ve enjoyed series like The Da Vinci Code, The Dresden Files, or Dime Store Magic, then this book will be a delightful addition to your collection.

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