Shifter Wolves of Pleasant Valley: (Paranormal Small Town Shifter Romance)

A small Texas town is bursting with secrets, deceptions…and forbidden relationships with the enemy. When a wolf shifter sets eyes on his one and only—there’s no turning back. He’ll do anything to protect the woman that brings him to his knees.

Book 1:
Moving to a new town and falling for the enemy was not my plan.
My dangerous ex led me to Pleasant Valley.
One that I needed protection from.
Little did I know that my wolf shifter enemy would be the one to save my life.
Rude, ridiculously handsome, and full of mystery.
Will Matt destroy my heart before my ex gets to me?

Book 2:
Being with Chloe meant breaking all the rules in town.
A human connection was forbidden.
But I couldn’t keep my hands off her gorgeous body.
Keeping her close means protecting her.
It also means growing my list of enemies.
Chloe doesn’t know that I’m a wolf shifter.
Will she leave me when she discovers my secret before I could even save her?

Book 3:
All I had to do was spy on Sheriff Dominic Stewart and save my brother’s life.
It was that simple… until I fell in love with him.
My guilt is uncontrollable every time I look him in the eye.
Dominic is smart. It’s only a matter of time until he finds out I’m hiding a secret.
That day would ruin me.
But despite my betrayal, he would go to any lengths to save my life.
Even if it means risking his own.

Book 4:
As Mayor of Pleasant Valley, my life was perfect.
But Nora showed me what I was missing.
A sassy woman on the hunt for wolves.
She can never find out who I really am.
I need her in my arms for as long as possible.
But it’s only a matter of time until her dangerous ex comes after her.
I consider it my duty to protect her… and to make her mine.

Book 5:
Ivy showed up with wounds and secrets when I met her.
Her bloody dress was proof of her miserable past.
I vowed to protect her from the man her father sold her to.
Ivy cannot handle more trauma.
And I’m worried what might happen once she finds out who I am…
A wolf shifter that might have to reveal himself to save her life.

Book 6:
Adam was my rival when I moved to Pleasant Valley.
I hated him with all my heart.
But he was the only one who could protect me.
Exposing bad men at my previous job meant one thing.
I was in a lot of danger.
Adam would put up a fight for me.
But what secrets was I about to uncover about him?

Book 7
Falling for Lilly means breaking the biggest rule I live by.
Humans are forbidden.
And Lilly has no idea that I’m a wolf shifter.
It will be impossible to keep it a secret forever.
Lilly’s life is in danger.
And she’s depending on me to save her as well as her son’s life.

Book 8
I’d spent my life hiding my identity from the world.
But the cute new teacher in town was about to make that hard for me.
I enjoyed making Maggie’s life tough.
That irritated face was just too endearing.
One that never revealed her dark past.
Defeating the town’s enemy was my responsibility.
But a bigger one was growing inside her belly.

Warning: Adults Only

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