Spookybrook Witch Academy Year One: Beginnings

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As the driver pulled the car up to the large wrought-iron gates, Vivian had no idea that the new boarding school her father had sent her to was actually a Witch Academy. In fact, Vivian had no idea witches even existed!

But she was about to get a crash course in all things magical because as soon as she is enrolled, she was thrust into the middle of spells and incantations, potions and mindreading, and even familiars and magical books.

With hardly enough time to catch her breath, she’s told she needs to learn her very first spell: how to protect her thoughts from mindreading. And the next day, she is to start classes in witch school.

The first step was to take a Magical Placement Test to see which of the eight Magic Types she would major in:

  1. Illusionary
  2. Incantation
  3. Alchemy
  4. Physics
  5. Elemental
  6. Telekinesis
  7. Healing
  8. Nature

Unfortunately, the test results wouldn’t be so easy for Vivian. Before they can get to the bottom of her unusual test results, strange things start happening at the Academy.

She’s just getting the hang of this magic thing and her new school when an evil magic attacks. And as she works together with some unlikely allies to fight the attacker, she discovers she knows a lot more about magic than she ever realized before.

Things were getting crazy already and this was only the beginning.

This is book one in the Spookybrook Witch Academy series. This series is intended to be read in order. This is an upper YA paranormal academy series with fantasy elements.

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