The Captive: The Hologram Experience

by Emma C Holmes 

The protagonist Sherry Williamson a young assertive supervisor who works in the editorial department becomes enthralled while napping at her computer when she heard a voice emanating from her computer and then tried to brush it off as an extraordinary experience or as a revelation of her imagination. However, months later she discovered that this mystical Hologram’ character was not a figment of her imagination after all.

As time passed the mysterious hologram vernacular dialect suddenly changed in rapidity articulating in extreme preciseness in his own special universal language further revealing that indeed he was not of this Earth….. The protagonist Sherry witnessed many changes in events and knew that the Hologram was real and not of this earth.

In the time of communication with the hologram and learning of his secret world, it was now time for her astral travel to parallel universes. You may question if Sherry was held captive, or was captivated by “The Hologram Experience”.

Available on Amazon and in KU

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