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The Fire Within: An Antipodean Escape

In 1800s Shetland Islands, Scotland, a land that yields only sparse income for endless backbreaking toil, two brothers, Gilbert and William, make a momentous decision to leave behind all that they have ever known and travel from their island home to the other side of the world in search of a better life.

The lure of adventure and the promise of riches beyond imagination drives them across vast oceans, to a strange land that is inhabited by even stranger people and animals the like of which they have never seen.

They are soon joined by their female companions who face remarkable challenges of their own, quite different from their male counterparts.

The dangers are many. Piracy, cannibalism and shipwrecks are just some of the perils they face as they voyage towards their destiny but so is the kindness they are shown by those whose lands they sought to plunder.

Greed, murder and cruelty are constant companions as these individuals forge their new lives in these strange new worlds.

But will they make the lives they imagined for themselves? Will it end in disappointment, turmoil and bloodshed? Or can they learn how to live in peace with the First Nations people and prosper?

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

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