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“The Fury of Angels” by Julian M. Coleman is an intense and historical fantasy novel that tells the story of twin sisters, Samantha and Sara. Despite being born in different centuries, they have found a way to coexist supernaturally. They were not born as fighters, but the brutality of their parallel realities has made them warriors.

Samantha, who is ostracized and lonely after transferring to Ridgeway Prep, escapes into a dream world called Nysa. Here, she meets her twin sister Sara, who is half-native and has a murderous chip on her shoulder. In Sara’s reality, she lives in the late 1800s, where she is harassed and ridiculed. A life-altering sequence of events changes Sara from a shy teen to an efficient killer.

As the story progresses, only Sammy’s devotion can quell Sara’s bloodlust. However, this changes when Sammy becomes a killer herself. The book is the first in the Damned Reflections trilogy and is filled with betrayals, sacrifices, and bloodshed.

The novel is well-written, and the characters are well-developed. The story is gripping, and the author does an excellent job of building the tension and keeping the readers engaged. The book is a great blend of historical fiction, fantasy, and paranormal elements that make it a thrilling read.

In conclusion, “The Fury of Angels” is a must-read for anyone who enjoys historical fantasy novels filled with action, suspense, and supernatural elements. The book explores the themes of identity, love, loyalty, and the consequences of one’s actions. Readers will be left eagerly anticipating the next installment in the series.

Book Description:

The twins are fierce, beautiful, and identical. Although they were born in different centuries, they found a supernatural way to coexist. They weren’t born fighters, but the brutality of their parallel realities made them warriors. Will their brand new immortality withstand their ruthlessness?

An intense and historical fantasy from the JAN 2016 Outstanding Paranormal/Supernatural Book of the Year author. From the beginning of the Damned Reflections trilogy, Julian M. Coleman weaves a harsh, paranormal saga filled with betrayals, sacrifices, and bloodshed.

Samantha Montgomery transfers from Jefferson High School to Ridgeway Prep. Lonesome and ostracized in the new preppy and materialistic environment, Sammy escapes to the Nirvana-like dreamworld she calls Nysa. She’s not alone in her private heaven. Sammy shares the tropical paradise with twin Sara, a half-native teen with a murderous chip on her shoulder the size of Oklahoma.

In Sara’s reality, she lives in the late 1800s. Her mother, a priestess, is a runaway slave. Her father is a respected medicine man. Sara has no friends in the village. She’s harassed and ridiculed. It’s a life-altering sequence — spurned love, an attempted rape, and a spiritual (demonic) awakening after near-death – that changes the shy teen into an efficient killer.

Only Sammy’s devotion quells Sara’s bloodlust — until Sammy becomes a killer too.

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Julian M. Coleman

I’m a Paranormal/Supernatural Award Winning author who grew up in Richmond, Virginia. As a child I suffered from night terrors. I’m sure you’ve heard of sleep paralysis which leaves you with the inability to move or speak. There are those of us who not only suffer the paralysis, but we see and hear horrible creatures. Most of the time, I had the good sense to keep my eyes closed. Yes, most of the time. Tell me, who wants to have nightmares about demons?

As I grew older, I realized some demons may not be hideous. To this day, I believe true evil is seductive, even beautiful. Unfortunately there are bad things you can’t outgrow. You learn to cope. I did that by writing about demons who will sip your soul while giving you a kiss.

As an adult I also discovered that love transcends nightmares. I’m a dog lover and on several fortunate occasions my dogs entered my dream realm and saved me. The author in me couldn’t resist, so in addition to writing about seductive demons, I’ve penned a tale about a mischievous pooch. If you want a chuckle then read about my canine diva. But…you may want to take a darker path with me. You may want to meet my demons. If that’s the case, then I want you to be scared with me. Is that wrong? I don’t just want to scare you, though. I want you to care about my characters. Because if you care about them, then you will be afraid for them too. Who knows, you could have nightmares about beautiful demons, too.

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