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The Girl Who Flaps Her Hands

What constitutes a “Perfect” Family? What is being “normal”?

Why is it so difficult to accept when you are told that someone you love is not “normal”?

When that someone is your own daughter, you start questioning a lot things in life.

Meet Ishanvi, a little girl on the spectrum who single handedly changed the lives of her parents by being “different”.

But first, it is time to meet her parents and understand their love for each other years before Ishanvi is born.

This is a journey of how one family has navigated autism despite the challenges. How their journey has positively impacted families across the globe. Meghali narrates the nine life lessons she has learnt following the diagnosis of her daughter. Every lesson is complemented by a story from her life.

The story follows her family’s struggle to accept the reality. In an attempt to rediscover their new normal, the family ends up having bigger conversations with society raising a much needed awareness. 2 years later, they wonder if their second child is also on the spectrum, or if their fear is taking over.

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Meghali’s book, “The Girl Who Flaps Her Hands,” is a remarkable read that shares profound wisdom and insights from her life. The book includes several thought-provoking quotes, such as “Helping people is a way of living a good life,” “Enjoy the present before it becomes the past,” “The moment we start looking for a solution, we’re one step closer to finding one,” and “She knows who she is. It’s your turn to know her better and treat her accordingly. She doesn’t need special treatment. She just needs more understanding.”

Meghali’s Nine Steps, or rather Nine Insights, are presented in a highly approachable way, making it an excellent read not only for parents with a child on the autism spectrum but for any parent raising a child in today’s fast-paced and sometimes unkind world. By demonstrating understanding and compassion instead of judgment, Meghali’s insights truly change the game in parenting, emphasizing the importance of treating everyone with kindness and respect.

Overall, Meghali’s book is a heartfelt and inspiring account of her family’s journey that is sure to touch the hearts of readers. It serves as a reminder that the world needs more parents like Meghali who are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of special needs children. Thank you, Meghali, for sharing your story with us.

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