The Heir You Made

by Ashley Victoria 

This book contains scenes of explicit violence and gore, and uncomfortable sexual themes.

One gruesome night, Lucy Blacelli is kidnapped from her family in the worst way possible, and ends up in a mysterious and frightful castle. In the midst of all the chaotic and supernatural happenings here, Lucy finds comfort in two strange companions as they help her navigate the mansion to freedom.

Every room is filled with traps, puzzles, architectural mishaps, and strange creatures, and the way out seems to be nowhere in sight.

After learning the truth and reasoning behind why she was kidnapped, and who the other people are at the castle, it sends Lucy into a state of shock. Determined more than ever, she pushes on through her fears and confusion to get out of this nightmare.

One thing is certain, she will never be the same after this. Mentally or physically…

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