“The History of Coherence” by Nathan Coppedge

The book “The History of Coherence” by Nathan Coppedge is a non-fiction work that explores the discipline of coherence, which Coppedge claims to have virtually founded on his own. The book focuses on Coppedge’s goal of finding a philosophical Theory of Everything, which he believes was achieved on June 26, 2019.

Throughout the book, Coppedge discusses various important milestones in his quest, such as the discovery of objective knowledge in February 2013, a solution to all paradoxes in February 2014, and the discovery of the Characteristica Universalis in January 2019, among others. The book also delves into the applications of coherence in computer science and analytics. Most of the research in the book is recent, and the author provides a critical history of the discipline of coherence.

In “The History of Coherence,” Coppedge argues that coherence is a fundamental principle that underlies many philosophical, scientific, and mathematical theories. He explores the concept of coherence in depth and explains how it can be applied to various fields, including computer science and analytics. According to Coppedge, coherence can be used to create more efficient and effective algorithms, to better understand complex data sets, and to develop new technologies.

Throughout the book, Coppedge also discusses the work of other philosophers and scientists who have contributed to the development of coherence as a discipline. He examines the ideas of thinkers such as Leibniz, Kant, and Gödel, and shows how their work has influenced the development of coherence.

Overall, “The History of Coherence” is a thought-provoking book that explores a fascinating area of philosophy and science. It provides readers with a new perspective on the importance of coherence in understanding the world around us, and shows how this principle can be used to solve complex problems in a variety of fields.

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About the Author:

Nathan Coppedge (b.1982) , is a philosopher, artist, inventor, poet, and member of the international honor society for philosophers. A prolific author with over 250 books published on Amazon, he is a perpetual motioneer, famous quotable, and internationally-selling Hyper-Cubist. A one-time member of Tesla Society UK online and PESWiki, and founder of many Facebook groups, he lives near Yale University.

“[E]very sentence… provoked thought.” —Nicholas Jachero

“[Y]ou are brilliant!” —Geoffrey Gates

“You are… a philosopher of this present age.” — Jamal Martin

“[Y]our work looks fascinating & profound” —Simon Boylan

“Utterly Fascinating! A profound, provocative and truly original work of intellectual energy.” –Phil Hall

“[N Coppedge makes] geniuses look like elementary kids!” –Robertson

“Cutting edge scientist” –A behavioral psychology student

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