The Tide of Destiny (The Druids of Destiny Series Book 1)

Three desperate brothers on the run amid a civil war. One woman who’s the gateway to love and peace–if she can accept her druid powers, and stay alive….

Northern Wales, 1144

Angharad flees from an enforced marriage to a vicious neighboring lord. Instead of gaining her freedom, she’s taken captive by Rhys, the Silver Wolf, a powerful Welsh warrior determined to avenge his family, victims of a civil war triggered by Cadwalader, the brother of the rightful prince Owain.

Angharad thought her Fate would be to retire to a convent, but with war raging throughout the land she loves, it’s clear her tide of destiny has turned. Angharad forsakes the way of the saints for that of the sword, joining forces with the handsome Rhys and his two brothers, and his rapidly dwindling band of increasingly desperate warriors.

When Cadwalader invites Danish mercenaries from Dublin to invade Wales, Angharad and Rhys discover the druidic powers within themselves they’ve always possessed, but tried to suppress. Only by daring to trust to love and their mystical abilities can the sensual couple prevent their whole world from being destroyed.

Rhys and Angharad desperately to cling their last shreds of hope, and each other. Their tempestuous passion cannot be denied. But how can it ever exist in the hell Cadwalader has created? Angharad and Rhys must risk all to defeat the evil prince and restore peace. Will their druid ways prove enough to stop a Viking invasion? Or will their love become just another casualty of war…?
Word Count=119,975
Sensuality Rating
This novel contains some language and topics, and several explicit love scenes between the hero and heroine. It is for mature audiences.

About the Author
Shanna Murchison is the author of The Druids of Destiny series.

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