The V Prophecy: A Letter to the Churches and for All Mankind – Review

by Eric B. Maldonado 

Those with ears to hear, let them hear.

This book is styled as a letter to the Churches and for all of Mankind from Eric B. Maldonado. It is a letter, a testimony, and a prophecy – based on what Eric believes God has revealed to him to testify to the world. The book was written primarily for Christians, and specifically for those who are already well studied in the Bible, so it probably leaps over a lot of fundamental understanding and is shooting for the leaders of the churches and religious institutions.

That said, anyone who feels called to this message will likely benefit from it, and the author is also very open to discussion surrounding the themes and ideas in the book and encourages readers to reach out with questions and concerned. I did receive a review copy of this book and I may not have read it independently without that, but as always, I am reading this with an open mind and open heart and reviewing honestly, as I do with any other book.

Please note upfront that the book will have open discussions about Satan worshippers, government conspiracy, vaccines, and religious prophecy. The author dives right in from the start by explaining how he found himself on this path in the first place, back in 2017. While visiting family in Michigan, he began researching and stumbled upon some things that would change his life – and his outlook – forever.

It was then that a seed broke forth in his mind: “This world is the domain of Satan”. At this point, he changed, giving his life back to the Lord, and feeling filled with the Holy Ghost. This is the introduction and some background into the author so that you can understand where he is coming from as he delves into The V Prophecy.

I think the Highlights at the beginning of the book sum it up really well:

God is real.

This is the domain of Satan.

The Government is up to no good.

His appointed time is near at hand.

From there, Eric goes into more detail providing supplemental information to why he believes these truths. He hits is with the bad news first in Part One, explaining the ties between big pharma and prophecies from Revelations. There are a lot of references and citations so if you’re the type of reader who wants to see all the facts and where information comes from, you’re going to appreciate this.

Overall, the book is very well written, it’s compelling and kept me wanting to turn the pages. I like that the author includes sections for “questions to ask and answer” that help you summarize each chapter and form your own opinions. Some questions include, “Is the COVID vaccine the mark of the beast?” and “is there a link between the vaccine and the number of the beast, 666?”

The author goes on to explain what he believes the answers to these questions are and why, citing divine inspiration as well as the Word of God as sources. He cross-references the Bible and criteria that supports his beliefs.

Part three dives into DNA and how DNA is linked to the mark. This is again, a data-filled section with references to Bible scriptures that support the ideas the author is presenting. And it includes sections on “The Good News” and “redemption” as well, showing that it’s not all fear-mongering but also has a message of hope and a plan of action for people impacted.

Overall, it’s not a very long book but due to the subject nature as well as the many references, you may find it takes you longer to get through than other books of the same size.

Available on Amazon in paperback, hardcover and Kindle editions. Also in Kindle Unlimited.

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