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Tim Cooney – Author Spotlight

I am so exited today to tell you more about Tim Cooney, author of “How I Lived my Life Lived Me: My Life with Elephants, Rock and Roll, and Movies”. This is one of the most – if not THE most – unique story I’ve heard in a long time and I am so honored to share it with you all today as well.

I asked Tim what he loved most about writing and he says he’s always been a storyteller so writing it down is nothing new. Once you learn more about Tim and his life, you’ll see how true this is.

What do you think readers will love about your books?

Tim: “Between the exotic animals the music and friends and movies it has something for everybody”

Are you currently working on any new books or writing projects?

Tim: “No, this is my swan song.”

To read the book is to learn about the author because this autobiographical journey will take you on a fun ride. Tim Cooney’s life reads more like an adventure story than a biography. In this book, you’ll learn how he went from being homeless to being nominated for an Oscar. Cooney lived the stuff of dreams and in this book, you get to hear about it all straight from the man who lived it.

You’ll hear how he went from homeless to fame and all the twists and turns and bumps along the way. Cooney’s journey is even filled with elephants and tigers – the exotic and extraordinary. The glamour of Hollywood is brought to life, along with the world of Rock and Roll. And let’s not forget about all the people he meets along the way!

From Hollywood stars to real royalty and so much more, the people he meets on his journey add so much depth and character to it all. What an amazing life he has lived!


“I have had 4 jobs in my life circus clown, elephant trainer , musician and film maker I did not seek these careers out. They found me. I worked on the most dangerous movie ever made where over 100 people went to the hospital. That led me to 9 nominations for film awards that included an Oscar and and 3 Emmys. Along the way, I have met some very interesting people. I hope you enjoy my life; I did and do!”

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