Touch: An Erotic Novelette (The Five Senses Book 1)

by Minx Noir 

Can his touch set her soul on fire?

When an attorney at a rival firm alerts Paul that his wife has been searching for a divorce lawyer behind his back, his whole world shatters. But, truth be told, the signs were there; he’d just ignored them. With both of their daughters now in college out of state, Laken is restless and lonely. And Paul–who’d once been a doting husband–is truly married to his career.

But when faced with losing the love of his life, Paul concocts a plan. Combining Laken’s love of food and romance, he sets out to make her fall for him all over again, reigniting a spark that sets their hearts–and bed sheets–afire.

The Five Senses is a series of five short erotic romances. Each novelette will showcase a sexy encounter between Paul and Laken, two consenting–married–adults. Within this series of short stories, you will find food play, voyeurism, pleasure with pain, and probably a little kink.

Not intended for readers under eighteen years of age.

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Touch is an erotic romance novelette that tells the story of a married couple, Laken and Paul, who have drifted apart over the years. The book opens with Paul learning that his wife has been searching for a divorce lawyer, and it’s clear that he’s devastated by the news. However, instead of giving up on their relationship, Paul decides to win Laken back by reigniting the passion between them.

The story is well-written and engaging, and it’s easy to feel the chemistry between Laken and Paul. The author does a good job of building tension and creating steamy scenes that will appeal to readers who enjoy erotic romance. Each chapter focuses on one of the five senses, and the story explores different erotic scenarios, including food play and voyeurism.

Despite the erotic content, the book also delves into the emotional connection between Laken and Paul. It’s clear that they still love each other, but they’ve lost touch with each other over the years. As they explore their desires and reconnect sexually, they also rediscover their emotional connection and the love they have for each other.

One of the strengths of the book is that it doesn’t shy away from exploring the complexity of marriage and relationships. Laken and Paul’s struggles are relatable, and the book offers a hopeful message about the power of love and communication to overcome challenges.

Overall, Touch is a well-written and steamy erotic romance that explores the complexity of marriage and relationships. The book is recommended for readers over 18 who enjoy erotic content and are looking for a well-written and engaging romance.

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