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Truth and Light by Elizabeth Avery

This was a great first novel from this trilogy and I loved River’s character. I love following along with her as she learns about her abilities , her new journeys, finding true love, and connecting with her ancestors. I love the fantasy element of this story, but also that there is more to it – with mystery, intrigue, coming of age, and even romance all woven in seamlessly. It’s a very enjoyable read and I can’t wait for the next one.

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I Am Not Like You
Prepare yourself for a sensational Trilogy that is going to keep you in suspense while making your heart race with every exciting chapter!

If you are craving a fantasy novel filled with intrigue, mysticism, and mystery you’ve found exactly what you’ve been longing for!

Truth and Light: River Cuts Through Rock

Meet River, a not-so-average girl with highly unusual dreams. She can never remember them, but this time it’s crystal clear in her mind—her grandmother’s voice telling her everything is going to be fine. She has just lost her gran and hopes to find some kind of belonging on an island called Heimaey. Little does she know that everything is about to change in ways she never imagined. On her new journey, she finds her true love, and uncovers a shady history of battling foes as well as a deep dark secret that has been kept concealed for centuries…

Join River and Henrick on their quest to escape and find peace as they are running from an age-old council who wants to stop their love dead in its tracks… Literally! Will they survive? Why is the council so against their relationship? Can their unwavering love conquer an ancestral feud and a new bloodline birth change the future?

The Origins of Light: Twin River

Twelve years have passed after that fateful night when they had to escape the island. The Duke family has grown since then. Twin babies with their own superior gifts. Powerful talents that make them even more special than their mom, but they have no idea!

The Denisovan community is under great threat. Mass graves have been discovered all over and it’s only a matter of time before scientists realize the bones are not from human descent.

The council is desperate to protect its people. The fate of the Denisovans lies in the hands of ten Dehuman youngsters with astonishing powers. These gifted children, born of both human and Denisovan descent can bring hope to the future, but their abilities lie dormant. River and her family might be the only ones that can help. Will the Denisovans be exposed? Will River be able to unlock the Dehuman children’s powers and just how special are Jon and Amaya really?

The Powers of Light: River’s Dream

River experiences an extraordinary awakening as she connects with her ancestors through an age-old Naledi ceremony. She has realized her tribe possessed natural gifts to explore the past and see into the future, communing with their heritage.

If she can tap into these powers, she might be able to stop the onslaught on the Denisovans before it’s too late, but she doesn’t hold enough knowledge to access the powers she needs to save those in danger from being wiped out, not yet anyway.

Jon and Amaya are starting to realize they too possess powers and talents beyond imagination. Can River access her dreams to connect to the future? Is there enough time for the Duke twins to explore their unique gifts before history repeats itself? Is it possible for the Denisovans to survive the attack of the armed forces coming to eradicate all non-humans?

Delve deep into an enchanted world filled with ancient tribal secrets, mixed bloodlines, and fascinating characters in this captivating story brimming with emotion, excitement, and the importance of belonging.

Grab author Elizabeth Avery’s exhilarating read today and get ready to be transported to another realm in the first, second, and third part of this magical tale that will keep you spellbound and immersed in its pages.

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