Twelve Midnight – Review

I had the wonderful opportunity to read and review Twelve Midnight this week. I have read other books in this series and I’m excited to tell you about this one. First, this is a poetry anthology by Kewayne Wadley (Author), Jeremy Allen (Author), Eli Ray (Author), Faiqalizma (Illustrator), Jessica Rhode (Editor), Kuls B (Editor). It is chock full of great poems about love and growth.

The third volume of the Listening to Songs at Midnight series, this compilation is a gentle, moving trip through the various dimensions of love, skillfully fusing passion and vulnerability in a way that is both profoundly relevant and joyful. It’s hard to pick a favorite, because I appreciated them all for what they are.

Twelve Midnight is more than a collection of poetry. It’s a tapestry of human emotion, raw and real. And it’s a great reminder that no matter what we’re going through, it pays to take time to stop. To smell the roses. To listen and appreciate the little things. Even through challenges in life, if we’re patient and focus on a positive mindset, we can overcome many of life’s challenges.

With grace and sincerity, each poem explores the evolution of love, proving its simple yet profound nature. Because of these poets’ involvement, the book is enhanced by the diversity of viewpoints they provide, making it more likely that readers will find verses that particularly speak to their own experiences and emotions.

I feel like most readers will find something they can relate to in most – if not, all – of the poems inside this collection. One of my favorites was Fierce. I also really liked Golden Moments, and Collide. But again, there’s something to love about each of them.

The poems in Twelve Midnight are more than just words on paper; they are sincere statements that bring back memories of cozy late-night talks with a loved one. Reading this book is a personal and intimate experience because of the way the vision and emotion are portrayed in each piece, which encourages readers to remember their own times of love and connection.

This collection’s capacity to speak to the universality of love while stressing its particular and intimate parts is one of its most notable qualities. The poems explore the little gestures, silent moments, and mutual understanding that characterize partnerships and honor the development and evolution of love over time. Readers can easily become engrossed in Wadley’s warmth and beauty due to his vivid and approachable writing style.

The book’s presentation is similarly engaging, with a cover art by Faiqalizma that perfectly matches the poetry text and editing by Jessica Rhode. The design and layout enhance the reading experience, drawing readers into the world of Twelve Midnight from the very first glance. And the font is chosen to be easier to read, which helped my eyes (as someone who reads all day long for work and pleasure).

A must-read for poetry enthusiasts is Twelve Midnight. It reminds us of the elegance and simplicity at the core of genuine emotion and provides a new, reassuring, and inspirational viewpoint on love. This anthology will not let you down, whether your goal is to rediscover the meaning of love or you just want to feel the comforting embrace of meaningful poetry. It would also make a great gift idea for any poetry lover in your life.

Kewayne Wadley’s poetry book Twelve Midnight, which evokes strong feelings in the reader, is a celebration of love in its most basic form. Like the eternal discussions it so brilliantly mimics, this book is meant to be enjoyed, shared, and revisited.

About the Author

Kewayne Wadley (November 5, 1987 Groton Connecticut) Hailing from the soulful city of Memphis, Kewayne is a Memphis-based poetic storyteller whose mission is to spread love and inspiration through the power of words. Breathing his first human breath in Connecticut, he wound up spending most of his childhood days in the Deep South and much farther south: Central America.

Distinctly amorous lines infused with sultry overtones, Kewayne’s poetry paints vivid pictures of whirlwind romances and loves as unshaken as placid lakes. The unwavering support of his loved ones, especially his grandmother is what drives him the most. His innate ability to see life through an unconventional lens can be witnessed in his innovative approach to his craft. Notably, his books ‘Listening to Songs at Midnight’, ‘More Songs to Listen to at Midnight’, ‘The Memorandum: An Ode to the Workplace or Something like that’, and Mumbo Jumbo… I Love You’. Have been accepted into the Library of Congress, a very prestigious honor that highlights his contribution to the arts.

Throughout his writing career, Kewayne’s poems have been featured in an array of anthologies and zines, including but not limited to Collected Whispers (2006), For This Cause Writers Unite (2012), The Poetic Bond IX (2019), Porter Gulch Review: 36th Edition (2020), and Who’s Who in American Poetry (2021). He also was also crowned the 3rd Place Winner for his haiku “Full of Posies” (Dreamers Magazine, 2022) and received Honorable Mention for “Love Sometimes” (The Poetic Bond X). In addition to book number two, he is the father of Listening to Songs at Midnight.

When he isn’t jotting down romantic free-verse on any writing surface he can find, this multi-passionate writer is either drawing, painting, or listening to an eclectic assortment of music. He also has quite the green thumb, so he has taken up gardening.

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