by James Elvis Horton 

Twin Dragons tells the tale of Manny and JR Johnson. The twin sons to Robin and Eric Johnson who carry the royal bloodline from an Alien Dragon race. The story is based on the premise that the JOHNSON FAMILY unity can defeat all challenges as long as they support each other!

In the epic saga of “Twin Dragons Legacy Bloodlines,” destinies entwine between Earth’s heroes and rulers on the distant planet ZOLOF. Navy SEAL Robin’s mission to rescue scientist Eric Johnson sets cosmic consequences in motion, triggering a power struggle on ZOLOF between King Teratron’s conquests and the vision of unity held by his sons, ANWIR and Aiden. As love blooms between Robin and Eric, a dragon egg symbolizes a cosmic alliance between Earth and ZOLOF.

Amid cosmic clashes and live combat training, the Johnson family uncovers hidden talents, tensions arise, and a perilous journey unfolds in the quest for answers. Anansi’s return to ZOLOF leads to deadly showdowns in Houston, testing family bonds and newfound abilities. Manny’s mysterious powers and ancestral revelations add suspense, hinting at a clash with dark forces. The saga intensifies with Anansi’s mission to rescue her brother, cosmic conspiracies, and the unveiling of family potentials.

Culminating in a cosmic convergence, Earth faces a colossal Armada led by King Teratron. ANWIR’s ultimatum propels the Johnson family and allies into a cosmic showdown against formidable adversaries, altering the course of the cosmic conflict. In defeating King Teratron, ANWIR seizes dominion over ZOLOF, proclaiming a new era and setting the stage for future cosmic adventures. The saga concludes with intertwined destinies hanging in the balance, marking the beginning of a new cosmic chapter under ANWIR’s rule.

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