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Designed by Flaws

Designed by Flaws (Flaws Series)

by Martell L. Harris  Within the pages of “Designed by Flaws,” Martell L. Harris creates a captivating story that delves deeply


Rising Up: A True Story of Narcissists, Borderlines, and a Country Gone to Hell

Rising Up by Jackson Liva  I received an ARC of this book that is releasing on July 4, 2024 (a PERFECT


Biorhythm by Matthew Bradley

Imagine a world where Humans become a new species and Animals learn to really think like people. Welcome to Biorhythm


Mazes, Word Searches and Twisted Tales

Mazes, Word Searches and Twisted Tales by Tina Starr  I love word searches and puzzle books and I also love a

Twelve Midnight

Twelve Midnight – Review

I had the wonderful opportunity to read and review Twelve Midnight this week. I have read other books in this


Helpless Earth: Reckless Science – Review

“Helpless Earth: Reckless Science” by Yuval Kanev is quite different from the books I usually review here. It is a