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The Persuasion Story Code: The Magic of Conversational Storytelling

by David Garfinkel

What are the real-world stories that great persuaders use to make deals, close sales and bring masses of people to accept new ideas?

In this breakthrough book, renowned coach and copywriter David Garfinkel reveals the types of stories that have proven to make millions of dollars, create important agreements and even change billions of minds, across a variety of industries and situations.

Plus, he shows you step-by-step how to create these stories yourself, and use them to reach your own persuasion goals.

The hero’s journey type of story is the go-to template for novels and film. But to say the hero’s journey is the best template for persuasion stories is to make a big mistake. This book shows why.

Author David Garfinkel has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes.Com, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company and The Los Angeles Times, among many other publications.

He has worked with businesses ranging from IBM and United Airlines to medium-sized and small companies—as well as many one-person business. He has helped them increase revenues overall by tens of millions of dollars—most notably through the effective use of persuasive messaging. David is author of the bestselling Breakthrough Copywriting and former San Francisco Bureau Chief for McGraw-Hill World News.

Available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle editions.

Advance reviews of The Persuasion Story Code:

“Anyone into sales, persuasion and influence, will not only devour this book, but they’ll consider reading it a life-changing moment in their career. This is a work of genius, both entertaining and enlightening. It explains a powerful method of persuasion as old as the hills, yet new to everyone who never consciously understood how to apply it. I loved this book!”
Dr. Joe Vitale
Author, Zero Limits and Hypnotic Writing

“Effectively persuading your audience and building trust is the top priority for any business that seeks growth—and the single best way to persuade is with a simple story. CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, marketers and nearly everyone else in business will want this book in their arsenal. The examples and guidelines are simple to follow and easy to implement, so you can roll out your strategy and bump up your profits quickly.”
Lori Haller
Owner, Designing Response, LLC

“Here’s a refreshing new take on one of the most powerful marketing strategies for solopreneurs — stories that engage and persuade. David is a master copywriter, and his unique, easy-to-apply guidelines will have you creating stories for your own business in no time. I’ll be recommending ‘The Persuasion Story Code’ to many.”
Terri Lonier, PhD
Author, Working Solo, and Founder of the Solopreneur Movement

“I’m taking notes like a madman. It’s rare to get fresh advice around storytelling, but David Garfinkel’s done just that. I especially enjoyed his dethroning of the overly-worshipped hero’s journey. The Persuasion Story Code has a permanent place on my bookshelf.”
Billy Broas
Founder, The 5 Lightbulbs® Method

“I gave a eulogy at a memorial service. There were 300 people there. I knew it was the best talk of my life based on the audience’s reaction and how people kept repeating sections of my address to me and to others. David Garfinkel’s book is why I had so much impact. This book changed how I thought about giving a speech, as well as about teaching C-level people to give talks and presentations, or even preparing for job interviews.”
Sabrina Braham, MA, PCC
Founder, Women’s Leadership Success Podcast

“Much has been written on the use of stories in business and advertising. But David Garfinkel’s new book is a fresh and original take on this classic marketing tactic. With step-by-step advice and copious examples as models, he explains how to harness the technique to boost response and profits. Storytelling is a powerful copywriting tool that capitalizes on human interest, emotion, and motivation, yet few people understand how to use it effectively. After reading this book, you will.”
Don Hauptman
Direct-Response Copywriter/Consultant

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