A Jolt of Excitement: Review of “Infinity Voltage: Heroes of a Fractured World”

Sometimes heroes are found in the most unlikely of places. That’s what happens in this beautiful superhero graphic novel, available on Lulu. I love superhero stories and I love graphic novels so I was especially excited to read this book. I am so grateful to the author for providing a review copy for me to enjoy and I highly recommend this to anyone who also loves comics and superhero stories.

Haseo and Shinobu are the main characters of this story, despite the fact that they seem to be regular high school students. When the evil group Eternity causes chaos in Japan, Haseo Oshino and Shinobu Koyomi are forced to make a stand and become True Heroes.

In true comic book fashion, we know that with great power comes great responsibility. Can this dynamic duo live up to the task?

At first glance, we see a seemingly ordinary world in Japan, with its bustling cities. The setting takes us to a typical, fun high school environment with typical dynamics. But we learn pretty quickly that Infinity Voltage is anything from ordinary. In fact, this is a story about embracing the extraordinary, all wrapped up in a beautifully illustrated comic book.

Our protagonists, Haseo and Shinobu are so relatable. High school students just trying to survive the typical chaos of adolescence. Man, do I not miss those days!

But when a malevolent group, Eternity, wreaks havoc throughout Japan, our two unlikely heroes are thrust into something they never could have imagined.

It is written and illustrated with a degree of complexity that is both astounding and admirable, showing the transformation from common kids to unexpected heroes. You’re sure to find yourself rooting for them with every flip of the page, the same as I did.

The vibrant art jumps off the page, the story is inspiring and engaging, and the characters are all relatable and enjoyable. I definitely recommend Infinity Voltage.

Get your copy here.

Frederick Harvey Jr.

I’m a traditional artist who loves creating anything that has to do with Superheroes! I want my story to be known worldwide! This is my dream! In my writing, I hope to convey a positive message that will encourage readers to face their insecurities head-on and overcome them. Reading about superheroes who defied fate has always given me strength and courage. When I was a kid, and even now, whenever I considered giving up, I would read stories about them. It will take me some time to complete this story because I hired an artist to work on it.

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