Unshackling the Human Spirit: A Review of “Backbone” by S. Lynn

Based on a true story, “Backbone” by S. Lynn will touch you deeply, especially if you have a similar background or love someone who has. “Backbone” is more than just a memoir, it’s a testament to the true strength of the human spirit. Throughout this book, we follow the author on a tumultuous journey through growing up in a dysfunctional household full of abuse.

She’s from a small Southern town, in the 70s and 80s, and through raw honesty and stunning clarity, we see her story unfold. Yet, it is not a story filled with desolation, but one that is resounding with courage, determination, and an undying sense of hope.

Lynn articulates the harrowing experiences of living with an abusive alcoholic father and a co-dependent mother, and the impact this had on her growing up and even into adulthood. Her storytelling is immersive, painting vivid pictures of her traumatic past that grip the readers right from the first page. As the narrative unfolds, you find yourself experiencing an emotional roller coaster, right there with the author, sharing her pain, anger, fear, and finally, her indomitable spirit of resilience.

If you grew up in similar circumstances, you will relate well to Lynn’s words. But this is not just a rehashing of a painful past. There is also hope in her words, and the proof that you can do more than just survive – you can learn to thrive!

The resilience and strength she embodies in breaking the cycle of abuse is inspirational and motivational. This book serves as a beacon of hope for anyone caught in a dysfunctional family or relationship – or anyone who is still on a path of healing after freeing themselves from one.

Lynn’s story drives home the message that despite our circumstances, we all possess the power to rise above our situations, confront our fears, and assert our ‘backbone.’

You can find this book on Amazon in paperback, hardcover and Kindle editions. It is also available on Kindle Unlimited.

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