A Lusty Journey of Love and Thrills: Review of ‘The Chase’ by Everlade Pryce

To say that Everlade Pryce’s debut novel, “The Chase“, part of ‘The Four Horsemen of KYU’ series, is just an exciting read would be the understatement of the century. This book redefines the dark, bully romance genre, introducing us to a tantalizing world full of intrigue, suspense, and of course, an explosive dose of romance. With its raw, intense, and captivating narrative, “The Chase” is a whirlwind journey that will leave readers begging for more.

In this hot story, Jolene Piper, a fiery redhead with a taste for adventure, is the main character. She enters a perilous new realm without realizing it after unwittingly receiving a renowned scholarship thanks to her exceptional writing abilities. Jolene is a complex character that Pryce has skillfully created. Despite being a powerful, fearless, and outspoken woman who is not ashamed of her sexuality, Jolene nevertheless manages to retain a surprisingly refreshing innocence.

The Four Horsemen are paired with Jolene; they are four separate young men, each with a fascinating past and connections to the mafia. In an unexpected mission involving Jolene, Riley, Dominic, Aideon, and Jae-Min are put to the test in terms of their friendship, loyalty, and, most significantly, their unquenchable desire for her. These males have an irresistible attraction and are the picture of darkness and menace. The complexities of their interactions with Jolene develop in a titillating slow burn, propelling the story with an intoxicating blend of suspense and desire.

The Chase” is sexy, perfectly balancing the “spicy” scenes with an intricately woven plot that doesn’t lose its momentum. The chemistry among the characters is palpable, with Jolene’s interactions with the Four Horsemen each being unique and enticing in its own way. Pryce has an impressive ability to balance multiple relationships while keeping the narrative focused and the tension high.

Despite being a fast-paced read, this book isn’t merely about steamy encounters. The plot of “The Chase” is cleverly done and keeps readers guessing. Because of the cliffhanger nature of the book’s conclusion, it is nearly impossible not to seek for the sequel right away. The exhilarating voyage of Jolene and the Four Horsemen has left the readers on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating what lies next because to Pryce’s brilliant writing.

In the realm of New Adult & College Romance, “The Chase” easily stands out for its gripping storytelling and memorable characters. Pryce’s writing style is engaging and vivid, making the narrative come alive in readers’ minds. She paints a world filled with danger, love, and intrigue that is hard to step away from.

Overall, ‘The Chase’ is a great debut in the dark romance genre. Everlade Pryce gives readers an amazing debut that satisfies their needs for romance and teases a thrilling series to come. Readers will be left wanting more from Jolene and her Four Horsemen after experiencing this emotional rollercoaster of desires, emotions, and unexpected turns.

The Chase” is a book that thoroughly merits a space on your bookshelves, whether you’re an experienced reader who enjoys romance novels or someone searching for an intriguing new read. You won’t regret starting this exciting story, and you’ll undoubtedly find yourself excitedly anticipating the next chapter. You won’t be sorry if you read this book, so do yourself a favor and do so!

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  • Moon Hussain

    Sounds like a solid, spicy read. I’ll check it out on Amazon. Tnx!


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