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Author Spotlight: Cami

This week I have the pleasure of interviewing, Cami, author of Her Wildest Sex Fantasies On Paper: Sex , Sex & More Sex, a deliciously spicy read I know you will love as much as I did!

What do you love most about writing?

Cami: What I love most about writing is releasing my thoughts onto paper.

What do you think readers will love about your books?

Cami: What I think readers will love most about my book is, how I’m unapologetic about my sensual desires.

Are you currently working on any new books or writing projects?

Cami: Yes!! I’m on Chapter 4 of my third book and I’m typing up my second book!

Where can people follow you online to learn more?

Instagram: Mrs.Cami_

Tik-Tok: Camicgr22

Do you have a favorite book or author?

Cami: Mmmmm! That’s a hard one. A book that really caught my attention was … “The Man Handler” by Cairo! I emailed him & he answered! I was floored with excitement!!!!!

Please head over and give Cami a follow and check out her book on Amazon. It’s FIRE!

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