Her Wildest Fantasies on Paper – Review [adults only]

I have a real treat for my fellow erotica lovers. This book, “Her Wildest Fantasies on Paper” by Cami, doesn’t hold back. As a first book, it’s a fantastic taste of even more greatness to come. She is unapologetic about her sexual desires and we see this throughout the pages of this book as we follow Chanel, a woman who also knows what she wants.

As Chanel makes her wildest fantasies come true on the paper for us, she finds herself always craving the next seduction. She’ll take you along for the ride, one sexy fantasy at a time. There’s also some delightful art throughout the book that I really think you will enjoy. It will help you immerse yourself in the fantasies right along with Chanel.


For a young woman who has sex fantasies, everywhere she goes becomes a potential site for indulgence in every form of ecstasy. In this urban romance depicting desire in every imaginable scenario, readers are introduced to the alluring Chanel, a woman determined to live her sexual life to the fullest.

But even as her wildest fantasies come true, Chanel still finds herself craving the next seduction. From work to the park to school to the club, no location is off-limits for her desires. Readers get a front-row seat to pleasure unleashed in this recounting of fantasies and desires gone wild.

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Buy the book here from Amazon.

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