Bedtime for Nightmares – Review

Bedtime for Nightmares

Bedtime for Nightmares by Matthew Bradley was a quick little read that I actually enjoyed very much. The amazing art on the cover drew me in right away and I wanted to know more about this book that seems like a children’s book, but is geared toward adults. The illustrations bring the whole thing to life and are done by Brazilian illustrator, Agusto Zimiani.

It is, essentially, a bedtime story for adults. It’s written in a rhyming, sing-songy way, like nursery rhymes I loved as a child. That said, the words are anything but comforting – at first.

On a day, come what may

In my bed, comfy I lay

When all the worst voices in my head

started rustling with something to say

The imagery depicts exactly what it feels like to lie alone at night, unable to sleep, anxiety or worries infiltrating your mind. Dark thoughts egging you on… I’ve had insomnia most of my life, so I can definitely relate. And it always seems like those thoughts that are easier to push away in the daytime latch on at night, stubborn.

The book gets a little dark, with “monsters” of all kinds coming out of the shadows, taunting the wanna-be sleeper in the book. My favorite page is the one with the giant spider!

Another monster visits after the spider.

“Feed ME

Love ME

Respect ME!”

Then we see our main character struggling with what to do about these nightmares. How best to handle them? “It does no good to hate them”.

And the beautiful ending – I don’t want to spoil it for you because you need to read for yourself. But in the end, he figures it out. The real secret to life – which isn’t so “secret” after all. The answers to all his questions – right under his nose all along.

We are all human. And humans are imperfect beings. “Bedtime for Nightmares is dedicated to everyone who has taken the time and energy to understand then correct their own toxic traits.”

5 stars from me! I loved it.

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