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Proxima Bound – Review

What is Proxima Bound all about? I got this book back in 2022 and I think it’s a little hidden gem. This sci-fi novella is a quick and easy read. However, it’s one that will stay in your thoughts for a while. This book is suitable for teens as well as adults. Humanity’s last hope rests with the colonists aboard the generational starship Attenborough. Bound for Proxima Centauri, a thousand years away. Catastrophe strikes when a reactor meltdown cuts off those in the ship’s front from the rear. Two factions must now struggle to survive.

by Davi Mai 

What’s Proxima Bound All About?

Proxima Bound” by Davi Mai depicts the terrible conditions facing the survivors of humanity as they travel to Proxima Centauri on the generational spaceship Attenborough. We meet Thief, a young girl who becomes the cornerstone of her faction’s existence, as we set off on this adventure with the residents, hundreds of years distant from their target.

A catastrophic nuclear meltdown that splits the ship into two isolated sections is the story’s opening event. This arrangement not only presents a physical barrier inside the spacecraft but also alludes to the more significant divisions and difficulties that the survivors would face. Brave and bold, Thief daringly makes her way through dangerous passageways in search of necessary parts to reunite the ship’s divided populations.

What I Liked

Proxima Bound” does a fantastic job creating a suspenseful and mysterious atmosphere. The story deftly swings to a darker tone as Thief ventures more into the uncharted areas of the ship, facing the existential threat of an enigmatic virus and unexplained disappearances. This storyline point offers a pertinent comparison to current situations in real life, enhancing the narrative with a touch of modern relevance.

Mai’s depiction of Thief is a wonderful piece of writing. Her character is expertly portrayed; she is resourceful and brave but nevertheless clearly a teenager dealing with unusual circumstances. Her encounters are made more immediate and intense by the first-person narrative, which draws readers into her dangerous explorations into Attenborough’s guts. I really loved her character, and I feel like that was one of the things that made me love the story so much.

Pacing and Character Arcs

The novella moves along quickly as Mai skillfully strikes a balance between character growth and action. Although the plot moves quickly, it doesn’t feel that way because each chapter builds to the suspenseful and rewarding conclusion. The incorporation of horror themes gives the story an exciting edge and guarantees that the stakes are constantly high. This is especially true of the twist concerning the antagonistic forces that Thief confronts.

People are disappearing without a trace. I didn’t find the mystery elements of this story to be too easily predictable, so that also made it entertaining.

Enough complexity is given to supporting individuals to give the Attenborough universe a sense of population and realism. The viewpoint of the onboard computer gives the narrative a distinctive depth, offering insights into the ship’s functioning and the ethical quandaries that an artificial intelligence faces during a crisis.

Proxima Bound Summary

More than just a space survival tale, “Proxima Bound” is a moving examination of human resourcefulness and resiliency in the face of overwhelming adversity. A little but incredibly detailed universe created by Davi Mai is one that sticks with you. Even while it stands alone as a novella, this one lays the groundwork for more adventures that readers will undoubtedly be keen to go on.

Proxima Bound” is a gripping book for lovers of science fiction that provides both exciting adventures and deep contemplations about humanity’s future. Once again, Davi Mai demonstrates his skill as a master storyteller by skillfully constructing intricate narratives inside the constraints of a novella. It’s very entertaining and also will stay with you long after the last page is turned.

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