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Blow Your Nose: to work smarter | live freely | create legacy

by Susanne Moore RN JD

Susanne Moore’s newest release, “Blow Your Nose – To Work Smarter, Live Freely, and Create Legacy“, isn’t just another productivity guide. It’s an emotional voyage, expertly crafted for those high-achievers who are often too engrossed in their daily hustle to acknowledge the profound power of emotions and empathy in reshaping their lives. From the perspective of both a nurse and a lawyer, Moore beautifully melds professional wisdom, infectious positivity, and real-life experiences into this literary masterpiece.

At first glance, one might ponder the eccentricity of the title. “Blow Your Nose” isn’t your typical catchphrase for personal development. However, as you dive into the pages, the metaphor unfurls with impeccable grace. Much like clearing out your nasal passages provides a refreshing breath of clarity, Moore’s exercises and tales aspire to unblock emotional impediments, guiding readers toward a clearer, more conscious path in their personal and professional lives.

The book engages readers with quizzes designed not just to challenge the intellect but to incite introspection. With each story, Moore elucidates the incredible magnitude of emotional intelligence and the potential it has to transcend personal barriers. One moment you’re confronted with a relatable real-world scenario, the next, you’re delving into profound introspection, evaluating your own patterns and behaviors.

Critics and readers alike commend Moore’s uncanny ability to mix positivity with a work ethic that is both motivating and enlightening. The numerous reviews sing praises of the book’s transformative effect, shedding light on the facets of personal growth and understanding one might have been oblivious to before.

The focus placed in “Blow Your Nose” on developing sincere relationships is one of its most appealing features. Moore presents a strong argument for how raising our emotional intelligence can significantly enhance our relationships with friends, partners, parents, and almost every other role we play.

Moore’s book is the ‘Sherpa’ you need if you’ve ever felt like you’re stuck in the ‘base camp’ of personal development. It’s not just about climbing the mountain; it’s also about appreciating the scenery, knowing the terrain, and genuinely appreciating the experience.

In summary, “Blow Your Nose” is an experience rather than just a book. It’s a call to introspection, self-awareness, and embracing the transformational power of feelings. Regardless of your preference for rigorous productivity or a desire for more meaningful relationships, this book offers valuable ideas and discoveries that will influence the course of your personal and career development. Highly recommend!

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