Book Review: Listening To Songs At Midnight by Kewayne Wadley

by Kewayne Wadley (Author), Alice Branch (Editor)

For those who seek solace in the written word, for those who find companionship in verses that dance between the joys and sorrows of love, “Listening To Songs At Midnight” is a sanctuary. This debut poetry anthology by Kewayne Wadley is a heartfelt journey through the myriad dimensions of love.

From the get-go, it’s evident that Wadley is no novice to the world of poetry. His prior collaborations with fellow poets and appearances in various magazines have fine-tuned his craft. And this anthology is testament to that. Although it’s his first solo venture, Wadley strikes a chord with an ease reminiscent of seasoned poets.

The anthology delves deep into the many shades of love. It talks about love that is profound, love that is disappointing, love that is lustful, and love that breaks you. Each poem is an exploration, a voyage into the vast expanse of emotions that the four-letter word evokes. There’s an undeniable rawness to Wadley’s words, making it easy for readers to see a reflection of their own love stories within the pages.

The book cover, re-designed and re-edited by Alice Branch, encapsulates the essence of the poems inside – contemporary yet timeless, simple yet profound.

The poem “ACTUALITY” is just a glimpse into Wadley’s prowess. The excerpt paints a vivid picture, resonating with anyone who’s ever sought comfort amidst books, and felt the warmth of belonging even in solitude. The choice of describing books as carriers of “insecurities, dreams, ambitions, love” is both novel and touching.

Other readers too, have echoed similar sentiments. Words like ’emotional’, ‘identifiable’, and ‘accompanying’ frequently appear in reviews, highlighting the universal nature of Wadley’s verses.

In conclusion, “Listening To Songs At Midnight” is more than just a poetry book. It’s a mirror that reflects the complexities of love, and a beacon that assures you, you’re not alone in your feelings. Whether you’re a poetry aficionado or a casual reader, this anthology is bound to leave a lasting impact. It’s a testament to the fact that if a poem makes you feel, it has indeed achieved its purpose. And Kewayne Wadley’s poems do just that, and so much more. Don’t miss out on this lyrical masterpiece.

About the Author

Kewayne Wadley (November 5, 1987 Groton Connecticut) is a Memphis-based poetic storyteller whose mission is to spread love and inspiration through the power of words. Breathing his first human breath in Connecticut, he wound up spending most of his childhood days in the Deep South and much farther south: Central America.

Distinctly amorous lines infused with sultry overtones, Kewayne’s poetry paints vivid pictures of whirlwind romances and loves as unshaken as placid lakes. The unwavering support of his loved ones, especially his grandmother is what drives him the most. His innate ability to see life through an unconventional lens can be witnessed in his innovative approach to his craft.

Throughout his writing career, Kewayne’s poems have been featured in an array of anthologies and zines, including but not limited to Collected Whispers (2006), For This Cause Writers Unite (2012), The Poetic Bond IX (2019), Porter Gulch Review: 36th Edition (2020), and Who’s Who in American Poetry (2021). He also was also crowned the 3rd Place Winner for his haiku “Full of Posies” (Dreamers Magazine, 2022) and received Honorable Mention for “Love Sometimes” (The Poetic Bond X). In addition to book number two, he is the father of Listening to Songs at Midnight.

When he isn’t jotting down romantic free-verse on any writing surface he can find, this multi-passionate writer is either drawing, painting, or listening to an eclectic assortment of music. He also has quite the green thumb, so he has taken up gardening.

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