Book Review: A Journey Through Faith and Healing in “A Break in the Fog”

by Molly Salans 

Winner of a first-place award for best historical fiction, thriller, and suspense.

A family in turmoil, a dangerous cult, and God at the center of it all, A Break in the Fog is a psychological thriller that that explores how faith can be used to heal and how family is all that matters in the end.

After much anticipation, I’ve finally had the pleasure of diving into the depths of Molly Salans’ gripping psychological thriller, “A Break in the Fog.” It was every bit as riveting as promised and then some! Having shared my excitement about the book’s premise and the author’s background previously, I am thrilled to share my thoughts post-read. “A Break in the Fog” isn’t just a novel. It’s an experience. From the very beginning, Salans masterfully weaves a tale of a family teetering on the edge of complete collapse.

Clara’s desperation is palpably felt by anybody who has ever been cornered by the weight of life’s challenges, and the Greenwoods’ struggles are all too relatable. As readers, we are pulled into a world that sucks you in, makes you feel, and that takes you on a ride of ups and downs in true psychological fiction fashion.

The Ancient Side of Ideas is portrayed by Molly Salans in a way that highlights her singular experience of having been in a cult. A novel rarely offers such a detailed and personal look at the inner workings and psychological entanglement of a cult. Salans doesn’t just rely on broad generalizations. Instead, she provides a nuanced viewpoint and leads readers on a journey through seduction, appeal, and ultimately, the understanding of captivity.

I became just as caught in Damien’s web as Clara as soon as he entered the scene. This is evidence of Salans’ talent as a storyteller, who expertly balances allure and danger in a dance that keeps the reader wondering throughout.

The book explores the dual nature of faith in addition to its engaging plot. Faith can offer comfort and healing, but in the wrong hands, it can also be used as a weapon to cause harm and continue traumatizing cycles. In addition, “A Break in the Fog” highlights the significance of family ties and the extent people will go to protect those they love.

I felt a strong connection to the story given my own experience of recovering from religious trauma. Although Salans offers a glimpse of optimism throughout the entire book, there are some heartbreaking and raw times in the novel. The book serves as a reminder that there is always a way out—a break in the fog—even in the most perplexing circumstances.

I’ll sum up by saying that “A Break in the Fog” is a masterfully written story that deftly weaves suspense, family dynamics, and spirituality. In fact, Molly Salans has crafted a book that is both illuminating and profoundly emotional using both her personal and professional experiences. I heartily urge anyone looking for an exciting yet moving book to read it.

The book has rave reviews and it won a first place award for best historical fiction, thriller, and suspense. It’s available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle and on the author’s website,

About the Author

Her love of literature and deep spirituality brought Molly to earn her M.Ed from Cambridge College in 1989. She then went on to obtain her license in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Family Kantor Institute in 1991 and a license in Social Work from Boston University School of Social Work in 1995. Her first book, Storytelling with Children in Crisis, is based on her social work experience in home-based crisis intervention.

Prior to pursuing her education in counseling and social work, Molly was a member of a prominent cult for seven years. Though she left in 1982, her experiences of the group haunted her, leading her to write her newest book, a psychological novel titled, A Break in the Fog.

Though not autobiographical, her inside understanding of the way cults operate informed this integral part of the dysfunctional family narrative. Feeling this was a story she had to tell, her wish is for her readers to find hope in the family’s quest for redemption.

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