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Dragon and Mr. Sneeze: Charli’s Story (A Southern Coming of Age Fantasy Story) by Blue Skeleton

by Blue Skeleton 

I was so excited to read this book and even more excited to tell you about it! In this book, we are invited to immerse ourselves in a beguilingly distinct universe filled with magic, fantasy, and an unrelenting spirit of adventure in Blue Skeleton’s Dragon and Mr. Sneeze: Charli’s Story. This tale deftly balances otherworldly aspects with real emotion and endearing characters who make a lasting impact.

Charli really isn’t sure what to make of the suggestion that she could be a witch. It’s true she’s always been able to see ghosts, including most recently the ghost of her mother, but lots of people see and do things they can’t explain, right? Well, not in the way she can, it turns out.

I was instantly drawn to Charli. I can relate to her and I wanted to see her succeed and push through her struggles.

Charli, a young woman who resides in The Horseshoe’s rustic trailer park lifestyle, is first introduced to us by Skeleton. She has an ability to see ghosts, which is just a taste into the wondrous realm she is about to explore. We observe a brave and resilient character developing and adjusting in the face of challenges and revelations as she learns more about who she really is.

This book’s wonderful depiction of friendship, especially that between Charli and Dotty, is one of its most notable features. Their relationship, despite being put to the test by the terrifying events taking place all around them, remains strong, serving as a potent example of how friendship can endure under the most unlikely conditions. Their connection and the plot as a whole are poignantly complicated by Dotty’s development into a perilous creature.

This book’s world-building is nothing short of extraordinary. Skeleton expertly blends parts of fiction and realism to produce a setting where people may coexist alongside blue skeletons, dragons, and witches. This planet has some very intriguing peculiarities, such handkerchiefs acting as portals and coat pockets morphing into worlds. They present a novel viewpoint on magic and the fantastic, illuminating the boundless potential of Skeleton’s imaginative faculties.

We also see a vivid and terrifying image painted of the antagonist, the Fire Thief. The sheer creativity behind this character, with burning candles for eyes, adds an element of dread and suspense, which keeps readers on their toes.

As we follow the plot, it takes us on a roller-coaster of events and emotions. We see the calmness of daily trailer park life and the exhilarating encounters at the Plaza of Giants. The pacing is perfect, and not overwhelming, which is important for this type of story. It skillfully guides readers through the narrative, intertwining moments of calm with explosive action.

Blue Skeleton’s Dragon and Mr. Sneeze: Charli’s Story is an unmissable gem in the realm of fantasy literature. With vibrant storytelling, a real and relatable main character you want to root for, and all the heart and imagination to keep you turning every page, this story is a five star for me. I’m so happy to have found this gem and highly recommend to anyone who loves fantasy, whimsy, witches and magic, and coming of age stories. I can’t wait to read book two!

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