Book Review: A Seamless Transition Captured in ‘FROM BOOTS 2 AMAZON’

by COL (R) Lee A. Flemming 

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this book, and I’m glad to say it exceeded my expectations in so many ways.

About the Book

Before I delve into my thoughts on the book, let’s set the stage for what it aims to accomplish. “FROM BOOTS 2 AMAZON: My Transition to the Best Company in the World” by COL (R) Lee A. Flemming is a career guide designed to help veterans and second-career seekers navigate the complex journey from military service to a fulfilling career in the civilian world.

Released on August 1, the book is not only available on but also features as part of a weekly chapter release on Flemming’s website,


Having lived in a military town for 16 years, I’ve been a witness to the myriad of challenges that veterans face when making this monumental life shift. The transition is often fraught with uncertainty, requiring a complete reconfiguration of skills, identity, and purpose. Military jobs and MOS do not translate directly into the civilian world. On a resume, for example, a potential civilian employer may not be able to understand what you actually did or the experience you gained in your military service.

There’s also a mindset shift that has to happen to be successful in working a 2nd career in the civilian world after being in a military lifestyle for any lengthy period of time. This book is unique because it addresses these challenges and circumstances directly and with firsthand experience.

The Review

What struck me most about Flemming’s narrative is how down-to-earth and accessible it is. His writing style is easy to engage with, filled with firsthand experiences that give you a candid look into the realities of transition. This isn’t just a dry, academic treatise on career planning; it’s a lived experience turned into invaluable advice.

The book is so much more than a recounting of Flemming’s journey from his military boots to the halls of Amazon. It’s a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that can serve as a roadmap for anyone looking to make a similar transition. His wealth of knowledge, derived from years in the military and now with the e-commerce giant Amazon, is neatly distilled into lessons that are universally applicable.

In particular, I appreciate how Flemming expands the scope to include not just potential Amazon employees but anyone seeking a second career post-military service. Whether you’re interested in tech, healthcare, or any other field, the principles he outlines are adaptable and relevant.

Why This Book Is a Must-Read

If you’re considering making this life-changing move, Flemming’s book not only tells you what steps to take but also gives you the confidence to take them. It’s one thing to outline the ‘what’ and ‘how,’ but it’s another to address the ‘why’ and ‘why not’—the deeper emotional complexities that come with such a transition. Flemming does this with empathy and clarity, making the book a holistic guide.

To sum it up, “FROM BOOTS 2 AMAZON” is more than just a book; it’s a mentor in written form, and it’s an empowering tool that has the potential to transform lives. As someone who has seen the struggles of military-to-civilian transition up close, I genuinely believe that this book can be a game-changer for anyone looking to make this move.

Available on Amazon and through a weekly chapter release on, this is one resource you’ll want to have at your fingertips as you plot your future course.

Highly recommended. Five stars. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Lee Flemming is a retired Army Colonel currently working at Austin 2 (AUS2) Fulfillment Center in Pflugerville, Texas as the General Manager. I am 28-year Army Veteran with extensive operations and management experience. Lee publishes the Boots to Amazon blog series which includes regular installments meant to inform and educate Service Members and the public about transitioning into employment at Amazon and second careers.

You can access Lee’s blog at:

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