Book Review: A Tale of Magic And Love by KG Green, Illustrations by J.D

Every now and then, a children’s book comes along that really touches my heart. One that stands out as a beacon of hope, light, and wonderment. These special books give young readers positive messages, values, and an understanding of the world. KG Green’s “A Tale of Magic and Love,” beautifully illustrated by J.D., is one such extraordinary book. I love stories of magic and I was looking forward to this from the blurb and the pretty cover, but it delivered even more than I imagined.

The story is centered around our two main characters, Mo and his sister Sara, who are separated in foster care and lead lonely, isolated lives. This setting, while heart-rending, lays the foundation for the magical journey that unfolds, highlighting the resilience of children and their innate ability to find beauty and hope, even in difficult circumstances. Green skillfully crafts these characters with relatable struggles, making them endearing to readers of all ages.

We’re shown through rhyming prose how much the siblings miss each other, while also longing for family.

The magic truly begins when Mo stumbles upon an ancient box, meeting an enchanting character – the Wish Maker – who offers him one wish. This premise is the fulcrum of the narrative, driving home the profound lesson that the power to change our circumstances often lies within us. Green masterfully guides readers through Mo’s dilemma—should he wish for riches? Fame? Or something else entirely? Through this introspective journey, children are gently introduced to the concept of inner values and the importance of making thoughtful choices.

He could have crowns and riches, he could be famous or even a King – he could have his greatest wish come true. But what Mo wishes for more than anything in the world is to see his sister happy and to be with Sara again.

Be careful because you may tear up reading this sweet story!

Equally integral to the storytelling experience is the exquisite artwork by J.D. Each page is a feast for the eyes, creating an immersive visual narrative that perfectly complements the text. The vibrancy of colors, the attention to detail, and the thoughtful character designs serve to bring Green’s words to life in a way that readers of all ages will appreciate.

One cannot forget the element of love that’s woven into every corner of the book—manifesting not just as familial love between Mo and Sara, but also as self-love and love for life. This adds an extra layer of warmth and depth to the narrative, reinforcing the importance of love and connection in our lives. It will give you all the warm and fuzzy feelings and could make a great bedtime story that will feel your young reader with peace and love.

KG Green’s “A Tale of Magic and Love” is a book that truly leaves an impact. Through an engaging narrative and gorgeous illustrations, it invites children into a world where magic is real, dreams are achievable, and love is the most potent force of all. It is more than a mere book—it’s an experience, a journey of discovery, growth, and the triumphant spirit of childhood. I highly recommend it for any young reader library.

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