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Colin Guest – Author Spotlight


Colin Guest, AKA Tigerman, started writing after retiring from spending 19 years working in 14 countries on three continents. He has five books available in audio format via, with twelve books, including memoirs, thrillers, and romance stories. Colin’s latest book is another hot romance story, entitled, It Happened in Barcelona. He is now completing Accidental Death, sub-titled Or was It, a thriller.

Apart from writing books, Colin has written two short film scripts based on his thrillers., with one just submitted to a producer via Stage 32.  He has also started working on a script based on his romantic novel, A Dangerous Love Affair.

Due to Colin’s love of tigers, he has adopted a tiger for the past twelve years.  Colin has worked as a volunteer, at wildlife rescue/rehabilitation centres in South Africa and Thailand. This he recommends for all wildlife lovers as an alternative type of holiday. You are welcome to contact Colin should you want to know more about this at

I asked Colin a few questions about himself and his writing so that I could share with you here.

What do you love most about writing?

I get great pleasure from writing and hope that readers get the same as me.

What do you think readers will love about your books?

I take care to include facts about the places I mention in my books, as in one of my books, a lady informed me that she had stayed in the luxury hotel I had mentioned.

Are you currently working on any new books or writing projects?

I am in the process of completing Accidental Death, sub-titled, Or was it. I have just submitted a short film script that is based on my thriller, For the Greater Good to a producer via Stage 32.

Where can people follow you online to learn more?

If people go on Google or, they will find information of the twelve books of mine that are available from all main book distributors. Or they can check out my webpage

Do you have a favorite book or author?

My favorite author is Lee Child. I have read many of his books that on speaking as an author, I have found both informative and interesting

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