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“The Memorandum: An Ode to The Workplace or Something like That” by Kewayne Wadley

by Kewayne Wadley

I had the pleasure of reviewing “The Memorandum,” by Kewayne Wadley, a book that gleams as an intimate reflection of modern-day office existence. Part poetry-part prose, this is a collection of short stories about the workplace unlike any you’ve read before. It was such an enjoyable read and even though I’ve been self-employed for 20 years now, I still thoroughly appreciated this book.

A Breath of Fresh Air amid the Corporate Labyrinth

Wadley weaves tales and poems that are a delightful mixture of heartwarming humor and poignant truths. With characters as diverse as a bear tackling a job interview to the chameleon-like traits of the ‘Perfect Boss’, there is a resonance to each story that strikes a chord with anyone who has ever sat through a long-winded meeting or yearned for that next promotion. The range of emotions depicted—from the urge to scream into a coffee cup to the silent solace found in moments of self-reflection—makes this anthology an emotional roller-coaster that mirrors our everyday corporate adventures.

More than Just Office Tales

While the stories undoubtedly shed light on the absurdities of office politics and bureaucratic lunacy, they do so much more than that. This isn’t just a book about the workplace; it’s a commentary on life, love, loss, and self-discovery. And this is probably why it also resonated so well with me, even though I work in my home office. The interwoven themes challenge readers to not only reflect on their workplace experiences but also on their personal journey of growth and self-acceptance.

The book is artfully complemented with stunning black and white illustrations by Cammry Lapka, which, like a cherry on top, enhance the overall experience of the narrative. These sketches encapsulate the duality of office life—the hilarity and the melancholy, making “The Memorandum” a visual and literary treat.

The Perfect Office Companion

This book is the compass you never realized you needed, regardless of your level of experience in the corporate world or level of familiarity with office cubicles. It provides comfort to readers by reassuring them that they are not alone in their troubles, in addition to providing comedic relief. The book’s portrayal of shared experiences acts as a comforting salve for the frequently irritated corporate spirit.

A Gift of Shared Experiences

This would be the ideal present for friends, coworkers, or everyone who has ever worked. It offers moments of reflection, giggles, and agreement nods. It would be an understatement to claim that reading “The Memorandum” will brighten your workday—it turns everyday workplace situations into insightful life lessons, making each read a rewarding experience.


Through “The Memorandum,” Kewayne Wadley pays tribute to all those who have successfully negotiated the corporate labyrinth. It’s an homage to the common experiences that bind us all together at work, as well as a celebration of the ordinary and a contemplation of the profound. Enter and discover comfort, humor, and a revitalized drive to take on your career.

2 thoughts on ““The Memorandum: An Ode to The Workplace or Something like That” by Kewayne Wadley

  • Linda Clark

    I loved reading this book. I couldn’t put it down until I read every page. The Memorandum brought out the comical side of the author. Anyone who has ever worked anywhere can relate to “Bearly Working” hanging out on the job. Great read from beginning to end.


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