Conversations with God Books 1 to 3 – A Review

by Matthew Robert Payne 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit down and have a chat with the Creator himself? If you could speak with God directly, what questions would you ask? Conversations with God may answer some of those questions for you.

This is what author and prophet, Matthew Robert Payne does in this book and he’s sharing it with all of us so we can hear these messages from God as well. The book begins with an introduction of Matthew explaining why he wrote this book, how he was inspired, and why he is sharing it with the world.

“About 6 years ago while looking at books on Amazon, I came across one by a born-again Christian called “Conversations with God” by Suzanne D. Williams. I immediately downloaded and read it and was impressed with it. It was only a short book of about 41 pages. I was touched by the book and was happy that it was written by a Christian with biblical themes.  After I read that book, the Holy Spirit impressed upon my spirit that I was to write a book as well and call it “Conversations with God.” Over the next month, I wrote 15 blogs that became book 1. I followed the topics covered by my former book, “Jesus Speaking Today,” where Jesus spoke to my readers. Instead of a one-page post as in “Jesus Speaking Today,” the Father had a two-way conversation with me and spoke on the same subjects at length.”

He also explains that you don’t have to be a Christian to understand these messages from God, but that they will, of course, resonate stronger if you are. We dive right in with Chapter 1: Take My Hand that begins with God welcoming Matthew and explaining a bit of the journey.

The format of the book is all set up with the conversational style between God and Matthew. It reads like an interview transcript. I like this format because I feel it keeps it attuned to the raw truth and makes us feel as if we were there, watching and listening to the interview ourselves.

Matthew also speaks with God about his own fears and uncertainties, including those around becoming “known” or “famous” through this work. God reassures him he is doing the right thing and to take it one day at a time, and that he is never alone. What a beautiful message for us all to remember in times of doubt.

Some topics included in these conversations and throughout the book are:

  • Tears in Heaven
  • The Daily Grind
  • Fresh Ideas (Dealing with “foggy” mind)
  • Be Content
  • The Fire (Discussions on depression and sleep)
  • Alone (Coping with loneliness)

Other sections talk about how to imitate Jesus in your daily life, reassurances that God is always there, and much more.

Because this book actually contains three books in one, we then move onto Book 2 which picks up a bit where the first book leaves off (except there’s no wait for us to read and we can just keep on rolling). About a week or so has passed between the conversations with God in book one and where book two begins. It begins with some talk about giving and charity, and then talks about people with big hearts and how this makes God feel, as well as the strength of God’s love for Matthew (and for all of us).

Even though these conversations are intimate between God and Matthew, there are messages within that we can all relate to in our own way. We see messages about endurance, faith, substance and more.

And then we move on to book three, the final book in this edition and we have chapters on:

  • Consistency
  • Worship
  • Revelation
  • Glorify Me
  • Be Connected
  • Be Thankful
  • Carrying Burdens
  • Feeling Down
  • Trust and Obey
  • The Journey
  • Trouble
  • Patience
  • Life Dreams

Once again, Matthew speaks to God about his own life, fears, insecurities, and more and we all see messages that we can relate to as well. By this book, we also see Matthew’s confidence rise as he becomes more familiar with having these intimate conversations with God and with logging them and sharing them with us as well. The love that God has for Matthew is very apparent and vice versa, and it’s much like reading conversations between two great friends. This can also be very inspirational for anyone who seeks to have their own relationship with God like this.

Conversations with God Books 1 to 3 is available on Amazon in Kindle edition. This is a very beneficial book, especially for Christians today who want both inspiration and also direct guidance from God on surviving and thriving in today’s modern world. Matthew also has many other books on related topics, some of which are mentioned throughout these books. You can check out his fill catalogue (still growing) on Amazon.

About the Author:

Matthew Robert Payne, a teacher and prophet, enjoys writing what the Lord puts on his heart to share. He receives great pleasure from interacting with others on Facebook, hearing from people who have read his books, and prophesying over people’s lives. He is a passionate lover and disciple of Jesus Christ. He hopes that as you discover his books, you will intimately come to know Jesus, the Father, and Matthew himself though his transparent writing style.

Matthew grew up in a traditional Baptist church and gave his heart to Jesus Christ at the tender age of eight years old. That changed when he left home at the age of eighteen. He lived a wild life for many years, engaging in bad habits and addictions. At twenty-seven, he was baptized in water and, at the same time, baptized in the Holy Spirit. Matthew learned about the five-fold ministry offices and received a revelation of their value today. 

He started his journey as a prophet twenty years ago, learning about this gift and putting it into practice. With thousands of prophecies under his belt, he can confidently prophesy to friends and strangers alike. He has been writing for a number of years and self-published his first book in 2011. Today he spends his time earning money to self-publish.

You can connect with him on Facebook. You can sow into his book-writing ministry, receive a message from your angel, or even receive your own nine-minute personal prophecy from Matthew at

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