Decisions of Desire Series: a spicy short story collection Review

by Skyla Rae 

Are you searching for a captivating, spicy book with humor, romance, and intriguing turns that will have you turning the pages? “Decisions of Desire Series: a spicy short story collection” by Skyla Rae is the only book you need. Three stories that explore the complex dance between love and lust, reality and imagination, and domination and deception are combined in this book to create a fabulously engaging read.

I am so grateful to have received a review copy of this short story anthology from the author, but you can purchase this book on Amazon or borrow it in Kindle Unlimited.

In the opening story, “Fiction or Fantasy,” Harper Rhodes is introduced to us. She is a dreamy-eyed novelist whose life unexpectedly changes when her book is adapted into a film, making it difficult to distinguish between her experiences in real life and her creative fantasies involving the alluring Walker Donovan. The chemistry and nuanced personalities of Skyla Rae’s skillfully woven tale of desire and self-discovery captivate readers.

In the second story, “Love or Lust,” we are introduced to two independent people, Asher Anderson and Lexi Johnson, who are embroiled in a turbulent romantic relationship. Asher’s irresistible charisma and Lexi’s free-spirited nature combine to produce a blazing dynamic that delves into the age-old question of whether real love can come from a whirlwind of passion. Skyla Rae creates a gripping and relevant story by delving deeply into their emotional journey.

Last but not least, “Dominance or Deception” unites Dylan Rochester and Eve Sanders, two individuals involved in a court case that quickly escalates into a personal one. The plot develops into an investigation of power, trust, and the surprising routes to love as they work through their intense attraction and the secrets they each possess. It’s evident how well Skyla Rae can capture the depth and intensity of intricate relationships.

The “Decisions of Desire Series” is a voyage through the different aspects of love and desire, with each story posing the important query: soulmate or playmate? Skyla Rae has created a world that is both challenging and intriguing with its clever dialogue, erotic situations, and engaging plotlines. This novel will satisfy your cravings for romance, escape, or just a pleasant read with just the right amount of spice.

If you’re looking for some spicy shorts to read over the holiday season, go grab this book right now! You won’t regret it.

Decisions of Desire Series” is perfect for you if you’re ready to explore a universe in which every choice you make results in dramatic events and unexpected turns of events in life. Follow Harper, Lexi, Dylan, and their alluring companions as they brave the exhilarating landscape of ambition, desire, and love. You’ll be itching for more after reading Skyla Rae’s evocative tale, demonstrating beyond a doubt that the path of desire is worthwhile.

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