Sir Pigglesworth’s Adventures in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Your Favorite Royal Piglet Goes to Puerto Rico for a Hilarious Snorkeling and Surfing Adventure! … 5-10] (Sir Pigglesworth Adventure Series 7)

by JoAnn Wagner 

Bienvenido a San Juan, Puerto Rico! Come join Sir Pigglesworth, his mom, dad and his good friends, JoAnn and Bill, as they tour this tropical island paradise, from getting bombarded with coconuts by monkeys in the El Yunque rainforest to engaging in a pretend battle at Fort Morro to chasing iguanas.

Sir has been invited to be the 2016 commencement speaker at a prominent San Juan university. While there, our frisky piglet gets into his usual mischief and takes you along for the ride!

Follow the gang as they tour the island with our boisterous hero, charming the local residents and creating havoc wherever he goes all the while learning historical facts about the island.

1st Place Winner in the 2016 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards in Children’s Chapter Book category 1st Place Winner in the 2017 Texas Association Of Authors Children’s Chapter Book category

About the Author

JoAnn Wagner, the imaginative force behind the acclaimed Sir Pigglesworth Adventure Series,
has crafted a world of fun and adventure that captivates young readers globally. Since Sir
Pigglesworth’s debut in 2014, JoAnn’s nine published books have garnered prestigious
accolades including the Royal Dragonfly Awards, the Texas Authors Association Award, and a
notable feature in Story Monsters Ink magazine.

Her books, in English and Spanish, have earned JoAnn an esteemed place as a sought-after
guest for school readings and radio interviews. She conducts writing workshops for young
authors and is a proud member of various literary organizations. An avid reader, passionate
cook, travel enthusiast, and family centered, JoAnn’s multifaceted life enriches her storytelling.
With an upcoming adventure to London, followed by a dude ranch escapade, Sir Pigglesworth’s
journeys are far from over. All of the books are available via Amazon print-on-demand.

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