Book Review: ‘Your Life, Your Destiny, Your Choice’ by Ja Carlton – A Journey of Empowerment

by Ja Carlton 

Ja Carlton’s upcoming release, ‘Your Life, Your Destiny, Your Choice,’ brings an empowering message about how your destiny in YOUR CHOICE. No one can take it from you, and no one can bend you to their will. Although it may sometimes feel like our lives are out of our control, we are always truly at the helm. And when we remember that, we can work to create the life we truly want and not the one others want us to live.

From the beginning, Carlton discusses the topic of manipulation and control that comes from the external forces in our lives. It’s a chance to learn more about manipulation, how it manifests, and how to recognize when someone is doing it to you. In our society today, we are constantly bombarded with opinions and judgments, many of which can lead us astray from our true paths.

However, this book is an encouraging reminder that we always have a choice – that our destinies are ours to shape, not dictated by others. It prompts readers to take a hard look at their lives, identify the negative influences, and reclaim their personal power.

We learn how to own our past, forgive, but not forget. This section is all about healing from pain of the past, but holding onto the lessons we learn from those past experiences. Next, we learn how to claim our futures. It’s important to learn to identify and define who you want to be. And how can you reach your goals when you haven’t determined what they are?

The next section goes into setting goals and how to make them attainable!

From, there, we learn about health matters and the important of maintaining your vehicle – your body is the vessel that drives you through this life and it’s so important to take care of it. There’s also talk on stress management (so important!) and the benefits of doing what you love.

You will learn pragmatic optimism and how it impacts your life and your experiences, as well as how you chase your goals. Learn to turn a deaf ear to your detractors and how to let other carry their own baggage. You are not a pack mule!

This book does more than offer inspiring words. It gives you the practical tools you need to make it all happen. Understand Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs and how to measure up where you’re at. You’ll see how living with manipulation or abusive situations impact your needs and how they are being met. It also shows how it can be so difficult for people to leave these abusive situations, even though it would be better for them if they did.

We also get to see a new pyramid – one that represents the energetic or spiritual needs of a person. This was such a powerful visual example for me and I know I will refer to it often. There are other pyramids that bring all the concepts forward in a very visual way that was super helpful to me.

Your Life, Your Destiny, Your Choice‘ has the potential to completely change your life – for the better! You’ll learn so many things, and you’ll never look at life exactly the same. You’ll learn about the Universal Laws – including the Law of Self Responsibility. And no matter where you are on your healing and spiritual journey, you will find pieces of this book that resonate with you.

Your Life, Your Destiny, Your Choice‘ by Ja Carlton is an introspective, motivational, and empowering piece of literature that propels readers to seize command of their lives, make educated decisions, and live their lives in full measure. This work is a universally applicable source of profound enrichment and transformation, undoubtedly a requisite read for those desiring to enhance their self-understanding and their role in the world.

Coming soon – preorder today on Amazon.

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